7 Plastic Surgery Myths

Too often people think that plastic surgery is all about vanity because of all the rich and famous and celebrity lifestyles exploited in the media, along with the power of the ‘selfie’. Truth is most consumers of plastic surgery feel that their appearance plays a considerable role in their overall health and well-being. Some people don’t have a choice but to have surgery because of deformities, damage through injuries, harm or life threatening conditions, and so much more.
To avoid the misconception of plastic surgery, most recently, social influencers and members of the cosmetic and healthcare industry are embracing the power of social media in a positive way, actively using social media to raise awareness on ethical and safe practices and provide educational facts and information on cosmetic surgery procedures, treatments and products. You can follow and engage with Mr Jag Chana and his team on Twitter and Facebook @MrJagChana
The expense of plastic surgery depends on the type of procedure you choose to have. To say ‘It’s too expensive’ is relative to how much you see it’s worth. Realistically ‘less is more’. If you go for a really cheap surgeon the likelihood is that he/she is not board-certified or accredited and you will be left with a ‘botched’ surgery and surgical complications. Moreover, this could leave you emotionally scarred and resulting in you spending more money so that the procedure can then be corrected by an accredited surgeon to which you could have originally gone to, saving you time, money and your well-being in the first place.
Truth is… only when a plastic surgery procedure is not carried out by a board-certified surgeon or the patient does not take the necessary aftercare required of him/her is when it becomes too risky and unsafe. A board-certified surgeon will not only hold professional qualifications and experience in carrying out the procedure but will also be able to give you honest medical advice before and after the procedure to prevent anything from being unsafe or mistreated. Furthermore, board-certified surgeons only operate in accredited surgical facilities to ensure safety and patient care. You can visit the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons site to check board-certification in just minutes. Simply search ‘Mr Jagdeep Chana’ on baaps.org.uk to see for yourself.
When considering plastic surgery, it is natural to worry about scars showing. Facelift scars are usually hidden along the hairline & within the contours of the ears. Breast augmentation scars are hidden in the crease below the breast, the armpit or the areola. Tummy tuck scars are usually hidden beneath the underwear or bikini line.
Mr Jag Chana is fully trained in aesthetic plastic surgery has the right precision to skilfully hide and minimize any sign of them.
Furthermore, Mr Jag Chana offers various ‘scar revision’ procedures or Laser resurfacing at Spire Bushey Hospital for people who may have been living with visible scars for several years or have had surgery gone wrong for them by another surgeon.  There are a range of treatments that can remove the top layers of skin to reduce the appearance of scars.
Fact is Liposuction is not a weight loss operation. Weight loss requires a healthy diet and exercise regime and Liposuction contours and removes stubborn localized ‘excess’ fat that is generally difficult to burn off naturally. However, it’s not a permanent guarantee if a balanced healthy diet and exercise is not part of your lifestyle moving forward. Furthermore, if stubborn fat deposits do come back they may not necessarily come back to the same part of your body where you originally had the lipo.
Plastic surgery has been around for years and has evolved through scientific medical research and ground breaking technology. Any board-certified surgeon will have acquired the right knowledge and skills to create aesthetic art forms of naturally looking appearances.
Naturally, people refer to ‘plastic surgery as plastic looking’ when people witness real people having an obsession or addiction with having surgical procedures to the point where they have drastically changed their appearance and are barely recognisable. Any ‘morally correct’ surgeon will stand by ‘less is more’.
This is a myth since breast implants are placed behind the breast tissue or even behind the muscle. The breast tissue is unaffected. This means that most women can breastfeed even when they have implants. It is only procedures that involve removing breast tissue such as breast reductions which reduce chances of breast feeding. Generally, when you have your initial consultation, Mr Chana will discuss all of these issues.
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