Body Surgery

There are many different reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, and while for some the hope is to look more youthful, for others it’s to address concerns about their body.

As we get older many parts of our body may start to sag, wrinkle and our weight can fluctuate, which may leave us with issues about our body and a low self-esteem.

Body surgery can help target areas which need a physical ‘pick-me-up’ or a nip and tuck here and there. It can leave you feeling confident, youthful and happy in your skin.

There are numerous types of procedures designed to improve the appearance of the body from head to toe. From reducing the excess skin of the arms (Brachioplasty) and making the tummy look tighter (Abdominoplasty) to fat removal and reduction treatments like VASER and Liposuction, Mr Jag Chana will make sure your receive the right treatment.

Choosing to have surgery can be a huge decision and may be scary to some people. But Mr. Jag Chana will ensure that you get the right treatment you need to get the results you desire. A consultation with Mr. Chana will provide you with every single detail of information you need to know, in order to pursue surgery with confidence and trust.

So if you want to banish bingo wings or trim those thighs, take a look at the Body section and full treatment information.




Client Testimonials

"I have so much more confidence ­ this has transformed my figure and I wish I had embarked on surgery sooner. thank you so much again!"
Ms Schechter
Abdominal Surgery
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