Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the term given to enlarge breasts using implants. There is a huge natural variation in women’s breasts which needs to be accounted for when performing this surgery. Therefore a number of decisions need to be made with respect to the type, shape and size of breast implant. Mr Chana will guide you through this process very carefully.

On this website you can view a video of a patient’s experience undergoing breast implant surgery..

Breast Augmentation Implants

Breast implants have an outer silicone shell and contain an inner silicone compartment. It is preferable to use implants that contain a cohesive gel since the gel is made to a consistency which means that when the gel is disrupted it still stays the same shape and is therefore unlikely to leak. It is also advisable to use an implant which has a textured (rough) surface since this reduces the risk of capsular contracture occurring. The use of textured cohesive silicone gel implants is therefore routine in Mr Chana’s practice.

There are newer forms of breast implants which have a polyurethane foam coating which have considerable advantages over standard textured implants. Mr Chana offers the option of these latest generation implants. Please read the separate section on this website which fully explains the advantages of these implants.

The size of breast implants

Of course the desired size following breast implant surgery is personal. Mr Chana will guide you through this process during your consultation. The best approach is for you to ‘try on’ some sizes of implants in a special bra during the consultation. This will allow you to appreciate the likely postsurgical result. Breast implants do not come in ‘cup sizes’ but are measured in volume. The most important factor is to achieve your goals in terms of size and shape while at the same time providing a natural result. Mr Chana will carefully take measurements during the consultation to ensure the appropriate breast implant size is selected according to your existing chest shape and width of the existing breast.

Round or ‘tear drop’ implants

Tear drop shaped or ‘anatomical’ implants promote a natural shape after surgery. In fact there are many factors which provide a natural shape. The most important factor is YOUR desires and wishes. Mr Chana often has patients who like a round appearance with a fuller cleavage in which case a round implant is suitable. If your goal is the most natural result possible then a tear drop implant is the alternative option. Mr Chana will listen to you and carry out surgery which will match your expectations and individualise the result. Bear in mind, however, that sometimes tear­drop implants do not provide as full a cleavage as round implants and that there are other minor risks associated with tear­drop shaped implants such as twisting and malpositions . These differences will be very carefully discussed with you.

Under the muscle or over the muscle?

Implants can be placed in a pocket either on top of the muscle (tissue) or deeper under the muscle. Placing the implant on top of the muscle is only suitable in women who have enough existing breast tissue to adequately cover the implant otherwise the implant will be visible and more palpable. In thin chested women it is preferable to place the implant under the muscle since this covers the implant and gives a more natural cleavage.

There is also a technique which is called the ‘dual plane’ technique which Mr Chana uses quite often. This is a ‘half and half’ technique where some of the upper part of the implant is placed under the muscle to give a natural cleavage and the lower half of the implant is under the breast tissue. This is a specialist technique which combines the advantages of both techniques.

The Rapid recovery technique

Mr Chana uses a rapid recovery technique for his breast implant surgery. Modern techniques of breast implant surgery use a fibre­optic light to stop all bleeding points inside the breast cavity which hold the implant. In this way drains can be avoided in almost all patients aiding the recovery. Mr Chana’s anaesthetist will use a technique to aid your recovery and comfort after surgery so that you will be able to leave the hospital the same day

Risks associated with Surgery

Mr Chana will discuss with you very carefully the risks associated with the surgery and you will be given a detailed information leaflet prior to surgery.

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    1 to 1.5 hours
  • Anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    Day Case
  • Time off work
    7 – 10 days
  • Full recovery/sports
    4­ - 6 weeks
  • Best results

Client Testimonials

"Thank you again to you and your team for your care and attention with my surgery. I'm so pleased with the results!"
Ms Skillcorn
Breast Enlargement
"You are an outstanding cosmetic surgery company and I will feel forever in your debt for mending my disfigured body and giving me my self-confidence back. I never thought there would be a bright light at the end of my cosmetic surgery nightmare, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did for me."
Rachael Claxton
Breast Implant Removal & Replace
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