What is a gynaecomastia correction?

Gyneacomastia is the presence of breast tissue in men and the procedure to remove this breast tissue is called a gynaecomastia correction. All men have some breast tissue and, as with women, some men have more breast tissue than others. In extreme cases, some may grow the equivalent of a female type breast. Very rarely this can be due to hormone imbalances, but usually there is no such abnormality.

Unless patients are grossly overweight no amount of exercise or diet will assist in establishing a normal chest contour and usually the only option available is surgery.

Several types of operation exist depending on the severity of the condition and the degree of skin excess. Mr Chana uses the latest and most advanced techniques of Vaser liposuction to re­contour the male chest.

You can watch the video of one of his patients undergoing this procedure which was shown on Sky television

What happens during the operation?

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes between 1 to 2 hours. It is performed as a day case procedure.

A number of methods are available for this procedure and sometimes a combination is used:

  1. With the advancement of surgical techniques and the introduction of specifically designed liposuction equipment it is possible to break up and draw off excess fat and some breast tissue through a fine cannula. Mr Chana uses the latest technique of VASER liposuction which is highly effective for gynaecomastia. The male breast is approached from a tiny stab wound towards the armpit or under the nipple. The small incision heals well and is difficult to see. VASER liposuction uses a safe form of ultrasound energy to emulsify the fat which is more effective than standard liposuction and provides a quicker recovery with enhanced skin retraction.

    Expect to be sore following this procedure. A compression garment may be provided or alternatively you may be advised to purchase a very tight cycle top (one size too small) to give the necessary pressure for flat healing.

  2. This technique of liposuction is good for most cases but occasionally it cannot remove very fibrous breast tissue just behind the nipple which then needs to be removed using another incision.

    The next step, after liposuction, would then be to make a half moon incision at the lower margin of the nipple to gain access to and remove fibrous male breast tissue behind the nipple. Mr Chana will advise you whether this will be likely during the procedure.

  3. If male breast tissue is severe and there is also a problem with excess skin, then this would have to be removed to give a flat contour rather than an empty, hanging, flabby envelope..This then is a situation similar to female breast reduction and will need the nipple to be moved upwards on a stalk to a more satisfactory position. The excess skin would have to be taken away leaving a vertical scar going downwards from the nipple. If the problem is exceptional, then a horizontal scar may be needed in the crease under the male breast tissue.

What is the recovery?

There may be discomfort or possibly mild pain after this operation but this is easily relieved by mild analgesic tablets which will be prescribed. Aspirin or aspirin like medication (non-­steroidal anti­-inflammatory tablets) must not be taken.

After surgery you should avoid stooping or vigorous activity for a few days to reduce the swelling. It is also important to sleep upright at night to reduce the swelling. You should be aware that bruising of the skin may occur but will disappear in 2­-3 weeks. Fortunately, bruising and discomfort is minimized with VASER liposuction techniques and the recovery is usually one to two weeks but vigorous exercise should be avoided for about 1 month. Immediately after surgery a new and flatter contour to the chest will be apparent but it can often take a few months for the tissue to fully settle and for the final result to be seen.

What are the risks?

Serious complications of breast reduction are rare. Infection and bleeding are risks of any surgery. Alteration in nipple sensation may occur. Delayed wound healing is a risk especially in smokers and therefore it is important to stop smoking prior to surgery. In rare cases it is possible for an indentation to develop in the nipple area but this can be corrected.

Mr Chana will provide you with a comprehensive information leaflet following consultation.

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    1­-2 hours
  • Anaesthetic
    General Anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    Day Case
  • Time off work
    1 week
  • Full recovery/sports
    4­ - 6 weeks
  • Best results
    3 to 6 months

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