What is mastopexy surgery?

Breasts can droop following pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or as a result of normal ageing processes. An uplift operation restores the breast to a more shapely youthful appearance by lifting the nipples to a more normal and elevated position while at the same time re­shaping the breast. It does not increase or decrease the size of the breast since only skin is removed and no breast tissue is removed. There are different types of mastopexy operations and the procedure which is most suited to your individual circumstances will be used.

What happens during the operation?

Mastopexy is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours. A one night stay in hospital is necessary.

Before surgery Mr Chana will draw markings on your breasts which determine the degree of nipple lift and degree of skin tightening.

During the surgery excess loose skin is removed from above, below and around the nipple and areola. The pattern of scarring will be discussed prior to surgery. In all procedures there is a scar around the nipple and a further scar which runs vertically down from the nipple to the crease under the breast. In some situations a further scar is also required running horizontally in the crease under the breast. A supportive dressing is used after the surgery.

What is the recovery?

There may be discomfort or possibly mild pain after this operation but this is easily relieved by mild analgesic tablets which will be prescribed. Aspirin or aspirin like medication (non-­steroidal anti-­inflammatory tablets) must not be taken.

After surgery you should avoid stooping or vigorous activity for a few days to reduce the swelling. It is also important to sleep upright at night to reduce the swelling. You should be aware that bruising of the skin of your ‘new’ breast may occur but will disappear in 2­-3 weeks. Immediately after surgery, the skin adjacent to the incision can sometimes appear slightly ‘pleated’ but this will flatten out over a period of several months. The scars can often take 12 to 18 months to fully mature.

What are the risks?

Serious complications of mastopexy are rare. Infection and bleeding are risks of any surgery. Alteration in nipple sensation may occur initially but usually recovers in the vast majority of patients. Delayed would healing is a risk especially in smokers and therefore it is important to stop smoking prior to surgery.

Mr Chana will provide you with a detailed information leaflet prior to surgery.

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    2 hours
  • Anaesthetic
    General Anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    1 night
  • Time off work
    1-2 weeks
  • Full recovery/sports
    6 weeks
  • Best results
    3 to 6 months

Client Testimonials

I recently had a breast augmentation with uplift by Mr Chana and couldn't be happier. Himself and his team were amazing and I feel so much happier in myself, I can finally wear strappy dresses that actually look good! My recovery was great with hardly any pain. Thank you all so much.
Miss H. Soteriou
"I went to see several surgeons and Mr Chana was by far the best. He was very attentive and understanding and made me feel at ease. My results are amazing - much better than I could have ever imagined and I would recommend Mr Chana to anyone."
Miss. T. S.
Bilateral Breast Reduction
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