Pectoral Implants

What are pectoral implants?

These are implants used to enhance the muscular appearance of the male chest. They are shaped to increase the size of the pectoral muscle . These implants are made of silicone which is slightly firmer than the silicone used in female breast implants. A number of decisions need to be made with respect to the type, shape and size of pectoral implants. Mr Chana will guide you through this process very carefully.

What happens during the operation?

Pectoral implant surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. An incision is made in the arm pit in order to keep the scar hidden. A space is made under the pectoral muscle into which the implant is inserted. The incision is closed with a number of layers of stitches.

What is the recovery?

Pain is usually mild after this operation and is easily relieved by mild analgesic tablets which will be prescribed. Aspirin or aspirin like medication (non­-steroidal anti-­inflammatory tablets) must not be taken.

After surgery you should avoid vigorous activity for a few days to reduce the swelling. It is also important to sleep upright at night to reduce the swelling. You should be aware that bruising of the skin of the chest may occur but will disappear in 2­-3 weeks. Heavy exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What are the risks?

Serious complications of breast reduction are rare. Infection and bleeding are risks of any surgery. Alteration in nipple sensation may occur but usually improves over a period of several months. Pectoral implants may also develop a capsular contracture (thick scar tissue around the implant) which can result in further surgery with replacement of the implants in the future.

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    1-5 hours
  • Anaesthetic
    General Anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    Day Case
  • Time off work
    7 – 10 days
  • Full recovery/sports
    6 weeks
  • Best results

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