Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery can help you regain confidence by altering parts of your face you may be embarrassed of, or by turning back the hands of time to help restore youth. Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you, so if there’s a part of it that makes you feel embarrassed it can knock your confidence. Rhinoplasty can help you smooth out lumps and bumps from your nose, and a face lift can turn back the clock when it comes to sagging skin on the face. If your eyes need rejuvenating there is Blepharoplasty and Brow Lifts to help reduce the signs of ageing. If you’re unhappy with your jaw you can restore balance with Chin Implants, and even Facial Fat Injections if you’re missing volume from your face. Mr Jag Chana is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery, whether it’s protruding ears (Pinnaplasty) or creating contours with Facial Liposculpture, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Considering facial surgery can be very nerve-wracking and daunting as it is an invasive procedure on an extremely important area which is physically visible to everyone, so you want to make sure you get the results you desire.

Booking a consultation with Mr. Chana will ensure that you get a thorough discussion about your issues and he can provide will all the information you require. He will complete some medical checks and look at your medical history in order for him to get to know you a bit more and provide you with the right treatment to suit your needs.

Mr. Chana cares that you get the best service possible so his consultations are extremely important for him to get to know you and address your issues correctly, ensuring that you are happy and confident to undergo any procedure.


Client Testimonials

"Many thanks to Mr. Chana and his team for the care and attention given to me during my facial surgery. My confidence is higher and I'm overjoyed with the results!"
Mrs. C. P.
"The overall result is amazing – my jaw line is much sharper, and my neck much slimmer. I look so much younger!"
Mrs. A. W.
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