Facial Liposculpture

What is facial liposculpture?

Facial liposculpture is when liposuction is used in combination with another procedure to the face. Liposuction is used to remove areas of fat in the face to enhance the definition of the jawline and neck. Excess fat under the chin and jawline is either a result of a genetic tendency or occurs with ageing. In younger patients liposuction can be carried out on its own but often in older patients liposuction is carried out in conjunction with a face or necklift. Occasionally, other procedures such as a chin implant are used in combination to further enhance the anatomy of the lower jawline and chin.

With the advent of the latest VASER liposelection techniques, fat removal in this area has become more effective and less traumatic. Mr Chana was one of the first fully accredited plastic surgeons to offer VASER liposelection in this country and he is using VASER as the primary treatment for fat removal in the face and neck but also as an adjunct to many of his facelift and chin augmentation procedures.

What happens during the operation?

Facial liposculpture is usually carried out using VASER liposelection as a day case procedure unless it is being carried out alongside other facial surgery such as facelift which requires an overnight stay.

It can usually be carried out under local anaesthetic with mild sedation.

During facial liposculpture surgery a small opening 5 – 8 mm is made under the chin to carry out the VASER procedure and fat removal. Occasionally a further small opening is required behind each earlobe to access the fat removal on the sides of the neck if required. The VASER probe is inserted which emulsifies (or ‘liquefies’ ) the fat which is then removed using a fine cannula. A fine absorbable stitch is used to close the small openings in the skin.

What is the recovery?

Discomfort after facial liposculpture is usually very minor and easily controlled with mild analgesics which will be prescribed. Aspirin or aspirin like medication (non-­steroidal anti-­inflammatory tablets) must not be taken.

Usually with VASER liposelection bruising is very mild or absent. There may be some mild swelling which can last a few weeks. As a result it can take several weeks to visualize the final result and best results are seen at approximately 3 months.

What are the risks?

Risks following this facial liposculpture are rare with careful technique.

Infection is possible but unlikely and is easily treated by antibiotics.

Occasionally, some firmness and thickening of the treated areas may be occur but usually this softens over a few months. Very rarely minor irregularities may persist.

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    1 hour
  • Anaesthetic
    Local or General Anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    Day case unless combined with another procedure on the face
  • Time off work
    Approx 1 week
  • Full recovery/sports
    2 weeks
  • Best results
    3 months

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