Permalip Implant

Permalip Implant

What is the Permalip Implant

This is a soft silicone implant which is used to augment the lips. It can be used for both upper and lower lip augmentation with a number of sizes available. Although Hyaluronic fillers are the most commonly used material for lip enhancement these are injectable fillers which need to be repeated to maintain results. Other options such as fat transfer may also fail to provide the degree of enlargement required as well as suffering disadvantages such as fat resorption. The advantage of the permalip implant is that it is permanent, soft and yet maintains a pleasing contour.

What is the Permalip implant made from ?

The permalip implant is made from an extremely soft silicone which is moulded to produce a naturally contoured shape . It has a smooth surface which does not allow ingrowth of tissue and hence can be easily removed if necessary unlike other permanent injectable fillers. The implant itself cannot rupture or deflate.

How is the procedure carried out ?

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic. Two small incisions are made on the inside of the corners of the mouth. A tunnel is made inside the lip and then the Permalip implant is passed into the tunnel and centred. The incisions are closed with absorbable stitches. The procedure is the same for either the upper lip or the lower lip

What is the recovery period ?

This is a minimal procedure which has a very short recovery period. There is minimal discomfort which usually resolves after 24 to 48 hours. There may be some mild sensitivity to light or medium pressure for approximately 2 weeks.

The bruising and swelling is usually mild but may be variable from person to person. In the unlikely case that there is visible bruising this will subside within 2 weeks.

Any initial swelling during the first few days can make the lips appear larger but as the swelling diminishes the final result of the Permalip can be seen.

Risks of Permalip implants

There is a minimal risk of infection with any implant procedure. The risk with this procedure is less than 1%. Antibiotic and ant-viral medication is always prescribed to minimise these risks.

Although the Permalip implant is an extremely soft material it can occasionally be palpable. The extent to which this may occur is dependent on whether the lips were very thin beforehand. Also, the vast majority of patients report that the implant cannot be felt during kissing.

The advantage of Permalip Implant over injectable fillers

Permanent injectable fillers are not advised due to the fact that they are very difficult to remove and can suffer other complications . Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers which are temporary are suitable but they spontaneously absorb over time requiring repeat injection procedures every 9 to 12 months. The only advantage of absorbable injectable fillers is that they can be used to enhance the lip line and also the creases on the lip skin above the red part of the lip which result from smoking or ageing. This is one area where the Permalip implant provides only limited results. The primary purpose of the Permalip implant is to enlarge the size of the lip but it will not necessarily improve the fine lines and wrinkles .

Permalip implant with other surgery

The Permalip implant is usually carried out as a stand alone procedure but very often patients undergoing other procedures such as rejuvenation surgery, for example facelift surgery, undergo lip augmentation simultaneously. Thinning of the lips is a common effect of ageing and this procedure can make a significant improvement to the overall rejuvenation effect. If undergoing other procedures usually a general anaesthetic is required due to the requirement of the larger procedure requiring this form of anaesthetic. Many patients who have been having injectable treatments over several years who finally decide to go ahead with a facelift often have been undergoing injectable augmentation of their lips. Having a Permalip implant at the same time as their surgery is advantageous and many such patients report a high level of satisfaction in having to avoid repeat injectable treatments.

How does the Permalip implant compare with other surgical lip enhancement ?

Although lipodermal grafts or fat transfer are used for lip augmentation the success rate from these procedures is very variable. Grafts and fat transfer have a tendancy to absorb in the lip and it is difficult for the surgeon to maintain a pleasing contour since the continual movement of the mouth and lips tends to disperse the fat grafts which reduces the chances of success with these procedures. For this reason the Permalip implant has obvious advantages since it is a permanent soft material.

Length of Surgery

30 minutes


Local anaesthetic

Length of stay

Day case

Time off work

2 days

Full recovery

2 weeks

Best results

2 weeks

Surgery Overview

  • Length of Surgery
    30 minutes
  • Anaesthetic
    local anaesthetic
  • Length of Stay
    Day Case
  • Time off work
    2 days
  • Full recovery/sports
    2 weeks
  • Best results
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