Non-Surgical Treatments

While the ageing process is inevitable, there are some fantastic non surgical treatments available to help you look youthful and fresh­-faced. From reducing frown lines with Anti­Wrinkle Injections, to erasing crows feet using Dermal Fillers, the effects of non-­invasive treatments are both natural and balanced. Aside from injectable treatments, Mr Chana also offers Chemical Peels and Laser resurfacing to patients looking to have a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Non surgical treatments are perfect for those people who would like to combat the signs of ageing or get rid of minor scarring and defects that are visible to the casual observer, without having to face going under the knife.

Surgery is a huge decision and can be very scary to some patients, so trying out some non surgical treatments first might help you with your worries until you decide you are ready for surgery.

Booking a consultation with Mr. Jag Chana, can help you find out what options are best for you to ensure you get the results you desire.

Mr. Chana will address your issues and provide you with a thorough discussion of information that you need to know about any of the procedures, he will answer your questions and leave you feeling confident about receiving any form of treatment.


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