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Why choose Spire Bushey for Cosmetic Surgery ?
The Spire Bushey Hospital has one of the best cosmetic surgery teams in North London. For this reason Mr Chana has chosen to concentrate the majority of his practice at this very prestigious hospital. The reputation for the standard of facilities and level of nursing care is second to none and as a result the hospital attracts patients from the whole of the London area and home counties. Furthermore the hospital has good access to all major roads and transport links which patients find convenient. There is plenty of parking on site and the leafy surroundings are a welcome change from many central London Hospitals.
Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Nursing Care
The Spire Bushey Hospital is a very large facility undertaking major types of surgery and as such is fully equipped. This is in contrast to many commercial cosmetic chains and clinics who have very small operating facilities which may compromise safety. There is a dedicated team of cosmetic surgery nurses who have previously had years of experience in busy specialist NHS plastic surgery centres prior to working alongside Mr Chana at Spire Bushey. Both nurses, Barbara and Annette have worked purely in the cosmetic surgery field for over 10 years and alongside Mr Chana. Barbara and Annette will be a main point of contact for pre-admission tests and advice as well as looking after you during your hospital stay and then the post surgery wound care. In this way there is excellent continuity of care. This level of continuity of specialised nursing care provides an enormous degree of support and reassurance for Mr Chana’s patients.
Inclusive Care Packages for Cosmetic Surgery
A care package for cosmetic surgery is offered which is fully inclusive. This includes the costs for surgery as well as all post-operative care, nursing care and dressings for one year after surgery. It even includes the costs of follow up medical appointments. Should there be any unforeseen need for secondary surgery for any rare complications after surgery then this is also included in the cost of the procedure.
Competitive Pricing
Compared to central London Hospitals the prices offered for surgery are very competitive thereby achieving the highest standards of care without the Central London prices. A fully inclusive quote will be provided in advance of any surgery following consultation. Further information is available from my secretary whose office is based at the Spire Bushey Hospital.
Name: Spire Bushey Hospital
Address: Heathbourne Road
Main: 0208 950 9090
O/P: 0208 901 5555
Web: www.spirehealthcare.com
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