Ensuring Safe Surgery

Your safety during surgery is the priority during any procedure. A full history and examination is undertaken at initial consultation and a medical screen including blood tests may be requested if necessary. It is important to provide a full history of current medication, herbal and alternative remedies and cigarette smoking since all of these factors may influence the complication rates following surgery.

A Safe Hospital Environment

There is a trend towards many smaller ‘clinics’ and non­-surgically trained practitioners to offer many procedures being awake under local anaesthetic. The reason for this is that either the clinics do not have the necessary facilities for general anaesthetics or the practitioners are insufficiently trained and are attempting to cut costs whilst compromising patient safety. Although a local anaesthetic may be suitable for some smaller operations it is not advisable for larger operations since the doses of local anaesthetic required may be toxic. In many situations sedation is administered together with the local anaesthetic at such high doses that there is little difference between a general anaesthetic. In these situations a Consultant Anaesthetist must be present during the procedure and many Consultants would maintain that it is in fact safer to be completely asleep under a general anaesthetic. Mr Chana will not compromise on the safety of the procedure and will recommend the correct form of anaesthesia for every procedure.

General Anaesthetic Procedures

One of the main concerns for patients is the safety of the general anaesthetic and the anxiety of being asleep during the procedure. Your procedure will be carried at a large fully accredited Hospital encompassing all the necessary 24 hour facilities for complex surgery which includes a high dependency unit.

Mr Chana has selected a team of expert Consultant Anaesthetists who have worked with him over the years and are experienced in the specific techniques of Plastic Surgery anaesthesia which are very different to other forms of anaesthetic. These Consultants are also NHS Consultants who work in an Intensive Care Unit and are therefore highly skilled to provide maximal safety in every situation.

Specialist Plastic Surgery Nurses

The aftercare in terms of surgical garments, suture removal, wound care and dressings is extremely important. Mr Chana has two dedicated specialist plastic surgery nurses who have worked in busy Plastic surgery units within the NHS and in the Private sector for very many years. They are at hand throughout your whole journey from the initial consultation, to supporting you during the hospital stay and for all your aftercare. They are available on a daily basis for advice and support.

Client Testimonials

"Many thanks to Mr. Chana and his team for the care and attention given to me during my facial surgery. My confidence is higher and I'm overjoyed with the results!"
Mrs. C. P.
Not having had cosmetic surgery before, I was apprehensive meeting Mr. Chana. From the first consultation, Mr. Chana was extremely nice and very easy to speak to. He explained the procedure fully and also drew a diagram to show exactly where the scars would be, which helped me to make my decision and go ahead with the surgery. There was no pressure from Mr. Chana to rush into a decision, for which I am very grateful. The care and support from Mr. Chana and his team was outstanding. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. It has given me so much confidence and self-worth that I never imagined I would ever have. Also the breast reduction has helped to relieve my back pain after many years. I would fully recommend Mr. Chana to friends and family for breast surgery without hesitation, and would like to express my gratitude to you personally for your exceptional skill and most of all, the care you have shown me. Thank you. Pauline.
Pauline H.
Breast reduction
"The overall result is amazing – my jaw line is much sharper, and my neck much slimmer. I look so much younger!"
Mrs. A. W.
"You are an outstanding cosmetic surgery company and I will feel forever in your debt for mending my disfigured body and giving me my self-confidence back. I never thought there would be a bright light at the end of my cosmetic surgery nightmare, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did for me."
Rachael Claxton
Breast Implant Removal & Replace
I recently had a breast augmentation with uplift by Mr Chana and couldn't be happier. Himself and his team were amazing and I feel so much happier in myself, I can finally wear strappy dresses that actually look good! My recovery was great with hardly any pain. Thank you all so much.
Miss H. Soteriou
I was recommended to go and see Mr Chana having already had 2 rather unsuccessful rhinoplasties that had left my nose in a condition I wasn’t happy with. From the moment I met Mr Chana I was put at ease by his professionalism and I felt reassured by his diagnosis and the improvements he felt were achievable. I decided to go through with the surgery and I am extremely pleased that I did. 6 weeks post surgery it is clear to see the improvements in my nose already. I also feel that Mr Chana went above and beyond by making additional improvements during the operation when he had found further problems inside my nose left by a previous surgeon. For me this was the work of a very skilled and dedicated surgeon, Mr Chana is clearly a perfectionist in his work. I received nothing but professional and caring treatment from Mr Chana and his team before, during and after the operation and it would certainly be the first place I would return should I ever consider surgery again.
Ms. L. W.
Revision rhinoplasty
"Thank you again to you and your team for your care and attention with my surgery. I'm so pleased with the results!"
Ms Skillcorn
Breast Enlargement
"I have so much more confidence ­ this has transformed my figure and I wish I had embarked on surgery sooner. thank you so much again!"
Ms Schechter
Abdominal Surgery
"I went to see several surgeons and Mr Chana was by far the best. He was very attentive and understanding and made me feel at ease. My results are amazing - much better than I could have ever imagined and I would recommend Mr Chana to anyone."
Miss. T. S.
Bilateral Breast Reduction
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