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Tickle Lipo Brings Liposuction to a Whole New Level

Liposuction and body contouring are among the most asked-about cosmetic surgery procedures anywhere. In addition new advances in harvesting fat during liposuction for use as a natural facial filler or for “natural” breast enhancement have created an entirely new category in aesthetic medicine. Physicians who are using the Tickle Lipo device say that the system is ideally suited for all these applications, offering increased patient comfort, precise sculpting of even difficult body areas and harvesting of high quality fat cells which are suitable for fat transfer.

Tickle Lipo helps to make the procedure easier for both the patient and the doctor. With the Tickle Lipo even difficult to treat areas such as the bra roll, male chest, and waist respond extremely well.

The decrease in pain is from the fact that you can be much more gentle with the manual movement of the cannula while the vibratory effect is supposed to down regulate local pain receptors. When done awake or under light sedation, patient’s describe the vibration as a “tickling” sensation, hence the name.

crystal-ballThe war on obesity will increase in 2011. There’ll be some fantastic procedures to help in fat removal as surgeon embrace the ability to freeze fat, zap fat, melt fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles) and re-injecting it into body parts where it is in short supply.

You might already have heard about new procedures using stem cells but expect to hear more. Adult stem cells live in fatty tissue and are the building blocks for any and all of the cells in the human body. Researchers here and abroad are working on ways to isolate stem cells from your fat. The hope is that once injected, stem cells may become activated by internal growth factors and spur the growth of new blood vessels and collagen.

In 2011 we will also hear more body contouring technologies such as Liposonix. Lipodissolve, an experimental “fat-melting” technology, may also carve out a niche for itself in removing small pockets of fat such as the double chin.

surgeonA recent survey conducted by YouGov, has found that of those who would consider some form of plastic surgery (around 50% of those surveyed), cosmetic dentistry was the most popular option.

The growing awareness of what operations are available, is responsible for this shift in attitude. Cosmetic surgery now gets widespread media coverage and it is opening people’s eyes to what they can achieve for themselves.

At MT Vernon we offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for both men and women. Breast augmentation, liposuction and nose reshaping are all very popular.

beachboobsOne of the decisions a woman contemplating breast augmentation needs to make with her surgeon is whether to remain awake during the operation.

The most common alternative to general anesthesia is a combination of sedation and local anesthesia. This method induces a state of reduced consciousness, so that the patient is only dimly aware of her surroundings and what’s being done to her. In this very relaxed state, she may drift off to sleep, although she will not be fully unconscious. A local anesthetic injection is used to numb the surgical site.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of each anesthesia method and help you decide which is most appropriate for your procedure.

beach boobs2

Has the former vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, undergone a breast augmentation procedure? Speculation was rife after pictures emerged of her looking more ‘enhanced’.

Palin’s only response was to tell Fox News, that reporters shouldn’t be focusing on her personal appearance, but instead on national issues, such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Breast implants, Botox injections and other forms of cosmetic surgery remained in demand around the world, from the UK to Australia.

Developments in the UK show how the world wide acceptance of cosmetic surgery has grown. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons noted a 9% increase in demand during 2008 – 2009. Switzerland, Cyprus and Spain actually dominate the top three spots of plastic surgery per capita! 


The new voluntary scheme which will see doctors, dentists and registered nurses who have had extra training in Botox and other injectable cosmetic drugs display a quality mark, will mean nothing is customers don’t understand how it works.

The voluntary scheme will see doctors, dentists and registered nurses who have had extra training in Botox and other injectable cosmetic drugs display a quality mark.

There are currently an estimated 5,000 premises carrying out an estimated 200,000 treatments a year in the UK.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: “We recognise that people choosing to have cosmetic treatments are having elective procedures that they are paying for privately.

“We know from experience that even statutory regulation is not 100 per cent effective and there will always be smaller independent operators who are more likely to evade registration and fail to maintain compliance with standards. A clear quality mark helps people to make the safest choice, first time.

“Because these services are purely elective, only provided in the independent sector and are not therapeutic healthcare, they do not fit the criteria for organisational regulation by the Care Quality Commission.”


According to a new survey of 3000 women, more than 59 per cent of women said that flabby tummies make them feel “unsexy”. 42 per sent said their thighs were their least  favourite body part and wished they had slimmer legs. Flabby upper arms or ‘bingo wings’ were also unpopular. Just four per cent said there was nothing they would like to change about themselves, whereas more than a third of men said they love their partner’s bodies just the way they are.

Liposuction can be a great solution for these problem areas. Many people are now choosing VASER liposuction which uses ultrasound technology and is far less intrusive than traditional liposuction. It involves no cutting and is performed under local anaesthetic – as opposed to general anaesthetic.

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