Ultrasonic Rhinosculpture

Ultrasonic Rhinosculpture – The Latest Advancement In Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Mr Chana is now offering ultrasonic rhinoplasty which is a refined technique of improving the results and recovery from nasal reshaping procedures . He is one of the first surgeons in the UK to offer this technique and already has numerous patients who have benefitted from this technique.

What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty ?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the latest advance in rhinoplasty surgery which utilises ultrasonic energy to reshape the bone. Altering the shape, profile and width of the nasal bones is one of the key steps involved in producing good results from rhinoplasty. In fact, the majority of nose reshaping procedures involve reducing the size of the bony hump and also narrowing the width of the bone in order to make the nose smaller and more streamlined in appearance. Current techniques are quite traumatic since abrasive instruments such as rasps and osteotomes are used to file down and chisel the bone. These techniques have a risk of leaving fine irregularities on the bone and also cause quite considerable tissue trauma both to the bone and to the surrounding soft tissues. As a result there is considerable swelling and bruising which prolongs the healing time. There are also greater risks of the bone and tissues healing irregularly in the months after the rhinoplasty which often results in the accepted risk of having to undertake revisional surgery in a proportion of cases.

What does ultrasonic rhinoplasty involve ?

The procedure for the rhinoplasty is the same as planned and will involve opening the skin to create access to the underlying bone and cartilage. Any modifications to the cartilage elements are carried out in the usual manner but the bone is reshaped using ultrasonic energy.

The machine used for ultrasonic rhinoplasty is called a piezotome. This technology is extremely accurate and allows the experienced surgeon to selectively sculpt the nasal bones with the utmost control, allowing for a superior and more precise technique. The technology uses an ultrasonic tip and water rather than conventional coarse instruments such as rasps and chisels. There is no damage which occurs to the cartilage, soft tissue and delicate mucosal lining of the nose and as a result there is reduced swelling and bruising resulting in more rapid healing times. The ultrasonic energy is so specific that if applied to any soft tissues such as skin and cartilage the tissues do not absorb the energy and these tissues remain completely undamaged. Only bone can absorb the energy and depending on the degree of energy applied through a probe the bone can be extremely precisely sculpted or even cut if needed at higher energies without any collateral damage to surrounding tissues. This technique is much safer, less traumatic, causes little to no bleeding, and greatly accelerates healing times.

Although the technology has been used by a handful of eminent rhinoplasty surgeons in Europe Mr Chana is the first surgeon regularly utilising this technique in the United Kingdom.

The piezotome device used for ultrasonic rhinoplasty


The device used for rhinoplasty is shown above . The handpiece which delivers the ultrasonic enery to reshape the bone is shown on the right. This handpiece can be fitted with a myriad of different types of tips which come in various shapes and sizes according to the particular type of function or purpose required during the rhinoplasty.

What types of noses can be improved using ultrasonic rhinoplasty ?

Almost any type of reduction rhinoplasty can be suitable for this technique. Most forms of nose reshaping which involves reducing a dorsal hump or narrowing the width of the nasal bridge is suitable. It is also useful for correcting deviated noses where there is a siginificant bony deviation. The technique does not help other structures such as the soft tissues include the septum and other nasal cartilage s which often need to be adjusted to improve nasal shape. These manoeuvres can easily be undertaken in the usual manner in combination with the ultrasonic bone reshaping

What is the recovery after ultrasonic rhinoplasty ?

In terms of recovery the main advantage of this technique is less bruising and enhanced recovery times. Individuals will vary in terms of the extent of bruising that can occur following rhinoplasty and this can also vary according to the extent of surgery which is required. In general bruising tends to last approximately 2 weeks with rhinoplasty surgery but with this technique the degree of bruising is reduced. Other factors involved with the rhinoplasty recovery are similar to standard techniques. You will still need to wear a cast or splint for approximately one week after surgery and incisions also need to heal. It is important to realise that with any surgery it can take over 6 to 9 months or longer to fully appreciate the final results.

A typical case

This lady demonstrates typical features of a large nose with a significant bony hump which she requested to be reduced in size. Using normal techniques this degree of bone reduction would require extensive rasping or reduction with an osteotome ( chisel) which are relatively crude instruments. In this case the ultrasonic technique of bone reduction was used with minimal bruising as can be seen in the one week post surgical photo below as the cast has been removed.

Pre-surgical appearance

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 20.42.07 copy

One week post operative appearance after removal of the cast demonstrating minimal bruising

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 20.43.11 copy

 Arranging a Consultation with Mr Chana

If you are interested in rhinoplasty and would like to discuss this technique in more detail please contact Mr Chana’s office. All consultations are with Mr Chana himself and time will be spent listening to your concerns about the appearance of your nose and advising you what can be achieved with rhinoplasty surgery along with any potential risks of surgery. It is always important to be fully informed prior to undergoing surgery and there may be issues which you may not have fully appreciated prior to the consultation.

Mr Chana has been featured as one of UKs leading facial and rhinoplasty surgeons in the Sunday Times and Telegraph. You can read these features on these links below.



Client Testimonials

I recently had a breast augmentation with uplift by Mr Chana and couldn't be happier. Himself and his team were amazing and I feel so much happier in myself, I can finally wear strappy dresses that actually look good! My recovery was great with hardly any pain. Thank you all so much.
Miss H. Soteriou
"Thank you again to you and your team for your care and attention with my surgery. I'm so pleased with the results!"
Ms Skillcorn
Breast Enlargement
"I went to see several surgeons and Mr Chana was by far the best. He was very attentive and understanding and made me feel at ease. My results are amazing - much better than I could have ever imagined and I would recommend Mr Chana to anyone."
Miss. T. S.
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Not having had cosmetic surgery before, I was apprehensive meeting Mr. Chana. From the first consultation, Mr. Chana was extremely nice and very easy to speak to. He explained the procedure fully and also drew a diagram to show exactly where the scars would be, which helped me to make my decision and go ahead with the surgery. There was no pressure from Mr. Chana to rush into a decision, for which I am very grateful. The care and support from Mr. Chana and his team was outstanding. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. It has given me so much confidence and self-worth that I never imagined I would ever have. Also the breast reduction has helped to relieve my back pain after many years. I would fully recommend Mr. Chana to friends and family for breast surgery without hesitation, and would like to express my gratitude to you personally for your exceptional skill and most of all, the care you have shown me. Thank you. Pauline.
Pauline H.
Breast reduction
"Many thanks to Mr. Chana and his team for the care and attention given to me during my facial surgery. My confidence is higher and I'm overjoyed with the results!"
Mrs. C. P.
"I have so much more confidence ­ this has transformed my figure and I wish I had embarked on surgery sooner. thank you so much again!"
Ms Schechter
Abdominal Surgery
"You are an outstanding cosmetic surgery company and I will feel forever in your debt for mending my disfigured body and giving me my self-confidence back. I never thought there would be a bright light at the end of my cosmetic surgery nightmare, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did for me."
Rachael Claxton
Breast Implant Removal & Replace
"The overall result is amazing – my jaw line is much sharper, and my neck much slimmer. I look so much younger!"
Mrs. A. W.
I was recommended to go and see Mr Chana having already had 2 rather unsuccessful rhinoplasties that had left my nose in a condition I wasn’t happy with. From the moment I met Mr Chana I was put at ease by his professionalism and I felt reassured by his diagnosis and the improvements he felt were achievable. I decided to go through with the surgery and I am extremely pleased that I did. 6 weeks post surgery it is clear to see the improvements in my nose already. I also feel that Mr Chana went above and beyond by making additional improvements during the operation when he had found further problems inside my nose left by a previous surgeon. For me this was the work of a very skilled and dedicated surgeon, Mr Chana is clearly a perfectionist in his work. I received nothing but professional and caring treatment from Mr Chana and his team before, during and after the operation and it would certainly be the first place I would return should I ever consider surgery again.
Ms. L. W.
Revision rhinoplasty
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