Breast Reduction Surgery in London

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most commonly requested procedures and has the highest satisfaction rate compared to many other Plastic surgery operations. A large breast size can be quite debilitating with symptoms of neck pain, backache, difficulty wearing clothes as well as hygiene problems under the breast. Breast reduction surgery resolves these issues very effectively and can provide a new lease of life for sufferers. 

Many times during a consultation one of the concerns relates to whether the nipple is removed during the breast reduction . In fact this is not the case. Instead, the nipple remains attached to a stalk of breast tissue called the pedicle. This pedicle preserves the blood supply to the nipple and allows the nipple to be relocated to a higher position. This also means the nipple is lifted as part of the breast reduction.

It gigantic breasts with an extremely low lying nipple which may be down to the belly button or lower the pedicle may be too long to maintain the blood supply. In these very rare cases the nipple will need to be removed and replaced as a free nipple graft. However, these situations are extremely rare.
Watch the short video below for a full explanation.


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