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Non surgical facelift

A non-surgical facelift uses fillers at various points on the face to provide a natural rejuvenation . The most important aspect of this approach is to use a small amount of filler at multiple points . It is well known that as you age some loss of volume in the soft tissues of the face occurs along with a varying degree of skin laxity. The filler injections allow some of this lost volume to be restored and if injected at the correct points it will also simulate a subtle ‘lifting’ effect.  Overly filled faces can look very unnatural and therefore very small amounts of filler are used at each point on the face specifically targeting areas where there is loss of volume. Specific lines and creases may also be treated.  The results are dependent on exact knowledge of where to inject to achieve the best results and involves detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy along with analysis of specific ageing changes in each individual face. Rather than use a standard multipoint injection technique in every case the technique is individualized to each patient. This may involve a combination of a needle injection or cannula technique.

Since Mr Chana specialises in facelift surgery he will be able to provide an accurate assessment on the degree of result that may be achieved with a non-surgical solution in comparison to other techniques. Also he will be able to advise if you may not be suitable and if you may benefit from other more permanent surgical solutions.

Of course a non-surgical approach is not a substitute for a surgical facelift but is an option in younger patients or those who do not feel inclined to consider surgery. As always if a practitioner cannot offer a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical treatments  then you may not be fully informed about your choices and you may be pushed into one particular treatment for which you may be unsuitable.

A typical result from a non-surgical facelift using a multi-point injection technique:


A typical result from a non-surgical facelift procedure using a multi-point injection technique.

non-surgical facelift procedure

Local anaesthetic cream
Treatment time
45 minutes
Hospital stay
walk in / walk out
Time off work
24 hours
Full recovery
1 week
Best results
1 week
Price from
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