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Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be a very troubling condition which can involve various parts of the body. Most commonly this affects the armpit area with patients affected by continuous wet patches on their clothing and excessive odour.

One of the most effective treatments is Botox® injections to stop the glands from secreting sweat. Although these injections are commonly associated with anti-wrinkle treatments on the face they also work to stop sweating.

The way that these injections work is to block a neurotransmitter chemical in the nerves which stimulate the sweat production from the sweat glands. When the injections are administered through the skin the botulinum toxin spreads to the nerves around the sweat glands and blocks the action of the sweat gland to secrete sweat. The effect is not permanent since the body will eventually breakdown the botulinum toxin and the nerves return to functioning normally.

The duration of action varies on average from 4 to 6 months and depends on how severe the problem is in the first place . However, once the effect wears off the sweating will return to previous levels. As a result of this repeat injections are required.

Some patients have injections just once a year to cover the summer months but this is usually only in individuals who have normal or mild excess levels of sweating. In most patients with true hyperhidrosis a course of two to three injections is required over the year to continuously maintain suppression of sweat production. In patients who require repeat treatment we offer an annual package at a reduced price. More information is available by contacting us on the form below.

These injections can also help for excess sweating on the forehead, hands and the feet.

A distinction needs to be made between Hyperhidrosis and another more serious condition called hidradentis suppurativa. In hidradenitis there is inflammation and recurrent infections of the sweat glands which requires treatment with certain types of drug therapy and in severe cases may even need surgery. However, in mild cases of hidradenitis botox injections may help to control or limit the severity of the disease.

Who is suitable for botox® injections for excess sweating ?

These injections are suitable if you suffer from excess sweating in the armpits, forehead, hands or feet.


How is the treatment carried out ?

The treatment is carried out using local anesthetic cream to numb the area. It is useful to apply this an hour before treatment after showering. It may be more convenient for you to do this at home before arriving in the clinic.

At the time of the injections the area is cleaned with antiseptic solution. The injections are administered in a grid like manner and therefore there will be a sensation of multiple small pinpricks which you should not be painful if the local anaesthetic cream has been applied effectively.

After the treatment the area is cleaned again . The whole treatment may take 30 minutes in total.  


What is the aftercare ?

You simply need to avoid exercise for 48 hours and must not excessively rub or massage the area of injections. The ani-sweating effect does not occur immediately and will slowly begin to work over a period of 5 to 7 days.


What are the risks of treatment ?

The risks of botox® for underarm sweating is minimal . It is extremely rare for the botox to cause any weakness of the muscles since the injections are administered just into the skin in an area away from underlying muscles.

Occasionally injections are used for forehead and facial sweating and in these situations the muscles may also be weakened and under rare circumstances can cause a temporary droop. However, such situations are usually avoidable.

There may be some redness in the area temporarily but bruising is unlikely.

You should not be pregnant since the effect of the injections is unknown during pregnancy

There may be a failure or very shortlived antisweating response in some individuals who have extreme hyperhidrosis. In this situation it is possible to try higher doses or consider other options such as surgery.,

excessive sweating
Topical Local Anaesthetic
Treatment time
30 mins
Hospital stay
Walk in / Walk out
Time off work
Full recovery
48 hours
Best results
5 days
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