Thigh lift

Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty) corrects loose skin and excess fat accumulated on the upper inner thighs.

For many people, the upper inner thighs become a problematic area arising from weight gain or sudden weight loss or simply age-related changes. The upper inner thighs can look heavy with excess skin folds. Thigh lift surgery aims to reduce fat and restore a person’s upper inner thighs to create a more refined contour for a firmer, smoother  and thinner appearance

If there is predominantly loose excess skin then an excision of the skin and a tightening procedure is required. However, If there is predominantly excess fat then liposuction on its own can be considered. In some minor cases, the use of Vaser® liposelection can avoid skin excision and the resulting scars since Vaser® have an enhanced effect on skin retraction after fat removal.

The scar from a thigh lift is of variable length depending on the extent of the problem. In a mini-thigh lift, skin and fat are removed below the groin crease and the skin is lifted leaving a scar in the groin crease where it is relatively well concealed beneath clothing. In a standard thigh lift, the scar is longer and runs a variable distance vertically down the inner aspect of the thigh. Mr Chana will carefully examine you and advise you of the most suitable procedure at the time of the consultation.

Surgery time
2 hours
Hospital stay
1 night
Time off work
1 to2 weeks
Full recovery
6 weeks
Best results
3 to 6 months
Price from
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