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Skin Pen Microneedling

Microneedling is a precise skin remodeling method to treat scar tissue, including acne and surgical scars. It is also an effective treatment to improve fine lines, pigmentation, stretch marks and overall skin appearance.

The device used is the Skinpen which was the first FDA approved device for microneedling. All treatments are performed by our specialist plastic surgery nurses within an approved and accredited medical facility and as part of a large Plastic Surgery practice. In contrast to a high street salon you will have access to a full range of medical grade treatment options and therefore we can offer you an honest and impartial advice.. The initial consultations is offered free of charge. 

This is a minimal invasive procedure, which uses fine and very small sterile needles to prick the skin, causing small wounds to stimulate collagen. The treatment is normally completed within 30-60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.  Usually a course of treatment sessions is required for best results and your ongoing care and treatment programme will depend on the type of skin complaint which is being targeted. In certain cases a more powerful treatment such as fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment may be more suitable.

The benefit of microneedling ?

Patients seeking a refeshening in their skin quality and complexion will benefit from this treatment since collagen formation is stimulated. It is also helpful for patients with stretch marks, fine lines and surgical scars. 

Performing the treatment

The treatment will be performed under local anaesthetic which means numbing cream is applied to the area approximately an hour pre-treatment. The Skinpen uses ultrafine small needles to penetrate the skin in a grid like pattern. The depth of penetration can be altered dependent on the aim of treatment. The treatment usually takes between half an hour to an hour.

The recovery

After the procedure, the treated areas will be red in appearance, similar to a moderate sunburn. Tightness and sensitivity to touch may happen – this will subside within the next 24 hours. After 3 days the redness will be settled.

The healing phases

Phase 1: Inflammatory stage

There is Increase of blood flow in the treated area in order to create new tissue. At this stage redness in the skin is normal

Phase 2: Proliferation stage
New granulation cells will rebuild the treated areas and a new network of blood vessels will also be created

Phase 3: Remodulation stage

The treated skin will be replaced with new dermal tissue, providing regenerated and healthy new skin


Who should avoid treatment

Microneedling procedure should not be undertaken on patients who:
•    Have open wounds, cold sores or irritated skin on the areas to treat;
•    Are pregnant or nursing;
•    Have blood disorders or haemostatic dysfunction;
•    Have active skin cancer or pre-cancerous type skin damage in the areas to treat;
•    Are taking medication containing isotretinoin

Local Anaesthetic
Treatment time
30 mins to 50 mins
Hospital stay
Time off work
2 to 3 days
Full recovery
2 to 3 days
Best results
Following 3 to 6 treatments
Price from
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