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In the news this week, an American anti-ageing expert and plastic surgeon has revealed his new non-surgical facelift offering to patients across the USA. Offering a combination of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments, as a separate procedure to facelift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon believes the no-scar facial rejuvenation treatment could be a reliable alternative to surgery should the patient or surgeon not deem it necessary. Could this approach be the future for patients with minimal signs of ageing which may benefit from less involved and technical procedures? The answer lies exclusively in the individual needs and goals of the patient.

Of course, there is no non-invasive alternative to facelift surgery that can rival the long-term results of the traditional approach to lifting the skin and tightening the SMAS muscles. But this aesthetic advancement called the ‘no scar facelift’ could well offer a renewed sense of patient self-esteem, and a rejuvenated appearance.

What is the no scar facelift?

• Taking away the surgical aspect entirely, this is an entirely non-surgical proposition, developed to be offered instead of surgery.
• Calling the anti-ageing treatment, the ‘no scar facelift’, Dr. Jeffery Donaldson – from Donaldson Plastic Surgery – combines minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, include energy-assisted fat reduction, micro-needling, skin tightening, injectables and comprehensive skin care treatments to provide a rejuvenated appearance without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.
• No scars, but outstanding results, says the American skin expert.

Collectively, the experienced surgeon who specialises in facial rejuvenation procedures says tailoring a specific combination of these anti-ageing skin treatments can not only improve the texture of the skin but also lift and firm the face. “If you’ve lost elasticity and muscle tone in your face and neck or the jowls or corners of your mouth, these treatments create subtle yet effective results,” said Dr Donaldson.“Our team has the knowledge and latest techniques at our fingertips to help our patients look good from every angle, without the need for scarring or incisions.”

Each of the non-surgical aesthetic treatments that encompass the ‘no-scar’ facelift offers a different result, the combination of which is believed to be the secret to the end result is a naturally rejuvenated appearance and improved skin tone and texture. As well as more traditional approaches to skin rejuvenation such as micro needling and chemical skin peels, Dr Donaldson states the benefits of energy-assisted facial rejuvenation treatments; in particular when treating the neck area. Depending on the needs of the patient – this form of an anti-ageing combination of treatments is intended for younger patients with minimum skin laxity and muscle weakness – dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections may also be offered.

Unlike cosmetic surgery, non-invasive injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox (a popular brand of wrinkle relaxing injection) can help to enhance the results of facelift or neck lift surgery with little recovery time*.

*Note: Results of non-invasive cosmetic treatments designed to rejuvenate the skin cannot be compared to that of surgical intervention, and patients will, of course, need repeat treatments such injectables to maintain the result in the long term.

Non-surgical facelift versus facelift surgery in London

Despite not being able to rival the long-term results of facelift surgery in London, for example, Donaldson offers – like many plastic surgeons specialising in facial rejuvenation – a specific treatment plan designed around the individual patient.

This is an ethos Mr Jag Chana supports, as a plastic surgeon specialising in anti-ageing treatments and facelift surgery in Hertfordshire. He explains:
“There’s no doubt that the surgical benefits of a facelift cannot be replaced by non-invasive treatments, however, there is certainly a place for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments – especially before and after facelift surgery itself,” Mr Chana says.

“For most of my patients seeking facelifts or facial rejuvenation surgery, I tend to use fat transfer as it provides volume in the mid face and you can place fat in other areas of hollowness such as the tear trough, allowing for a nice transition from the lower eye lid to the cheek. It also gives spectacular natural-looking results” he says.

The rise in popularity for non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments looks set to continue, with many younger patients opting for minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to reduce the signs of ageing. Contrastingly, patients are now also realising that it can, in fact, be beneficial to undertake a combination of surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing for the maximum natural-looking results.

There are risks and benefits associated with any form of medical or aesthetic treatment, and an understanding of the complications – as well as positive outcomes possible from undergoing treatments to rejuvenate the face or skin – should be well thought through and considered. Safety should be and remain a priority for patients undertaking rejuvenation treatments or surgery.

Undergoing safer anti-ageing treatment

With the ever-increasing demand for non-surgical and surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, choosing an expert to undergo treatment with can be confusing. Mr Chana advises patients to seek out a plastic surgeon they feel they can trust, who offers a tailored treatment plan and honest, helpful advice.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments in London are a reliable and effective way of minimising the early signs of ageing around the eyes and mouth and creating a more youthful appearance, however, for older patients, or those with more advanced skin laxity, facial rejuvenation surgery may still be the best option.

“With various cosmetic experts offering numerous aesthetic treatments, the key to undergoing safe facial rejuvenation surgery – such as the traditional facelift or modern variations of the facelift – lies initially in finding a plastic surgeon that specialises in the face. Whether you choose to undergo non-invasive treatments – like the ‘no scar facelift’ options outlined by Donaldson above – or a more traditional surgical approach, choosing your plastic surgeon based on tangible experience is always the best option,” he says.

A deep understanding of the upper and underlying facial structure – including the muscles and tissues which can be treated using non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments – is imperative for long-lasting and impressive results too, says Mr Chana.
Undergoing facelift surgery in London

If you’re considering facelift surgery in London, or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about minimally-invasive forms of facial rejuvenation such as dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections and chemical skin peels, it’s a good idea to research thoroughly and book a consultation.
Mr Jag Chana offers surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing aesthetic-enhancing procedures for the face, kin, breasts and body. A leading UK plastic surgeon treating patients in the London and Hertfordshire areas, he has a keen interest in the latest technologies and techniques.

One of the pioneers offering VASER Liposuction and VASER Fat Transfer treatments, Mr Chana has a forward-thinking approach to treating each and every patient. Offering various forms of anti-ageing treatments from wrinkle reduction injections and dermal fillers to face-lifting, he also treats patients with body concerns too.

Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and fat transfer are offered, among other cosmetic procedures, and as patients often elect to have multiple anti-ageing procedures at once for a more comprehensive result Mr Chana specifically tailors his approach based on the goals of the individual.

“My advice is to book a consultation after you have conducted your initial research, and make an informed choice once you understand the benefits and limitations of all forms of facial rejuvenation treatment available to you,” says Mr Chana.

“Looking more youthful is not a one size fits all process, and similarly not all patients through the clinic doors are actually suitable or in need of treatment. A thorough assessment will be conducted prior to a patient being offered aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, or surgical procedures including facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, and brow lift surgery. This is both to assess the physical aspects of the request for treatment, as well as the psychological reasons behind it,” Mr Chana concludes.

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