summer body

Recently, Shape magazine partnered with FitSugar and conducted a bikini body survey to reveal what their readers love and hate about the most body-baring time of the year 'the bikini season'.

The results of the survey were most likely the following:

82% of women feel
most confident in a swimsuit when they are with their significant partner
1 in 2 women hate their abs as swimsuit season
Only 48% of women love their strong arms, legs and bottom
60% of women diet for bikini season
79% of women want to lose at least 5 pounds before summer
When it comes to bikini pics on Facebook, 44% of women say do not share
68% Said they'd give up sex for at least a month for the ideal body bikini

A similar bikini body survey is carried out by a UK leading slimming organization to its official members. This is what was reported:

73% Dreaded wearing a swimming suit in public
39 % dreaded meeting new people
21% dreaded fitting into tight airline seats.



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