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Society and the media continue to have a huge impact in which we define ourselves. With trim models constantly on display in magazines, newspapers and the digital media, and with body shape and size becoming popular, it is no wonder that people - especially women - are concerned about the way they look. Vaser liposelection is more popular than ever.

Another new year in a healthy diet and a healthy diet will most probably be targeted at fat loss or adequate body shaping. Others may find working out in the gym successful, and they may have their weight, but find it difficult to remove the stubborn or excessive weight in such areas as the thighs, abdomen or arms.

Having sex with you - especially with pictures of celebrities splashed all over the media. Vaser liposelection helps patients reach their body goals by contouring the body and removing fat to improve their natural body shape.


What is Vaser Liposelection?

Vaser liposelection is an innovative technology that emits radio frequency and ultrasound waves to emulsify fat from targeted areas.

  1. Suitable for those who have only a small amount of fat to lose – it is not for the obese or overweight.
  2. This is not a weight loss treatment and is still classed as moderately invasive surgery.
  3. The energy is directed right to the fat in the treatment area. Once the fat is liquidised it’s removed with suction.
  4. Less aggressive than traditional surgical fat removal.
  5. Blood vessels and surrounding tissue go undisturbed, unlike the traditional liposuction process.
  6. Fat is prevented from returning providing a good diet is followed.
  7. Less invasive than liposuction, making the recovery faster.


During Vaser Liposelection Surgery

For small pockets of fat, you will be under a local unaesthetic; for larger ones then a ‘twilight’ unaesthetic can be used which means that an intravenous sedation technique is used instead. For much larger volumes of fat, a general anaesthetic is required in which you will be fully asleep. During the procedure, 4-5mm long incisions will be made into the area and fluid will be injected, which the fat absorbs.

An ultrasound probe is used under the skin to liquefy the fat; these are blunt and pass through fat easily. There are different types of probes depending on the area and quality of the skin that overlies the fat. After emulsifying the fat, a cannula is introduced underneath the skin to remove the liquefied fat. A small dissolvable stitch will be applied to the area after this process is complete and you’re left to recover.


After Vaser Liposelection Surgery

You will be provided with a compression garment which you are required to wear for between one and six weeks, depending on the amount of fat targeted in the area. You should be able to return to work within a week, but you should avoid any strenuous activity for at least two weeks.

You should ensure that you eat healthily and take up regular exercise as this will ensure that you don’t build up fat in areas elsewhere on the body. Results can be seen quickly but the full benefits of Vaser liposelection body contouring can take three to six months to see.


Choosing Vaser Liposelection

If you are interested in undergoing liposelection to improve your body shape, then talk to Dr. Jag Chana today to learn more about this body contouring treatment, and find out how to recontour your body and reduce fatty deposits.




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