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A government-backed register for providers of injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers has been launched this week.

The idea is for those practitioners who meet the standards set down for the ‘Independent Healthcare Advisory Services’ voluntary register, will receive a quality assurance mark. It is hoped that this will steer people away from using home kits at Botox parties.

However, cosmetic surgeons say such self-regulation will not stop bad practice and BAAPS have heavily criticised the move as “ineffective” and “little better than state-sponsored marketing.” According to the IHAS, there are currently about 5,000 providers of injectables in the UK, carrying out about 200,000 treatments each year.

Those signing up to the register must promise that all prospective clients receive a face-face consultation before any treatment goes ahead. They must also ensure that procedures take place in a clean and safe clinical setting and registered premises may be inspected at random by an outside agency. Those injecting must also have the right training, with only doctors, dentists and registered nurses eligible.

BAAPS said the scheme made no distinction between doctors who had six years training in cosmetic surgery, such as its own members and those who had done a weekend course. It said organisations could register a chain of clinics for a single one-off fee when it was individual practitioners who needed to be checked.

Mor information can be found here: 'Botox Industry Register Launched' as reported by the BBC.


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