brazilian breast augmentation

Are you ready? British women can now take advantage of the secret to Brazil's voluptuous breasts.

The Brazilians are renowned for their stunning beauty and sexiest women in the world. For years, Brazilian women have been relying on a breast implant for their bent curves, but until recently, the implant was unavailable in the UK. However, this is about to change as "Brazilian Breast Augmentation" is being pioneered in the UK by leading cosmetic surgeon, Mr Jag Chana of Spire Healthcare, Bushey.

The secret to the Brazilian Breast Augmentation procedure is a revolutionary implant which is not only suitable for many different shapes and sizes but has a unique polyurethane coating which encourages the body to accept it. The breast tissue then grows around the implant and reduces the risk of capsular contracture to just 2-3% compared with 16% for other implants.

Mr Chana, one of the UK's leading consultant on plastic surgeons says, "The most common complication of breast implants is capsular contracture, which is an abnormal response of the immune system to foreign material.

Mr Chana says: "The brilliance of the Brazilian breast augmentation is the implant's polyurethane coating, which makes it more stable and natural looking. My patients have been amazed by the results; they're the most natural looking implants, with the lowest complication rates available today. "

Five styles of the implant can be rounded, natural teardrop, conical, enhance and nuance. Each of the five styles has low, moderate, high and high projection.

PRICE: From £ 4,200 with final price depends on the recommended procedure.

CLINIC: Spire Healthcare, Bushey Hospital.

DURATION: The procedure takes approximately 1½ hours and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Patients are usually at the hospital for monitoring and recovery.

AFTERCARE: Patients wear a supportive bra day and night for at least two weeks following surgery to help the breasts to settle and feel comfortable. Time off work is recommended. Full recovery from the surgery usually takes six weeks.

The Brazilian Breast Augmentation uses Pure Implants. 2009 study by Allergan shows that on average after seven years, 16% of women with capsular contracture and required replacement.

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