breast size

When the topic of breast augmentation or cosmetic breast surgery is approached, many immediately think of glamour models and oversized, mountainous, breasts. What you need to remember, however, is that the majority of women who opt for cosmetic breast surgery are more interested in finding the right size for themselves rather than obtaining overpowering breasts that enter the room before their body does.

There are many reasons women seek breast enhancements, motivating factors include asymmetrical breasts, post-surgery reconstruction, post pregnancy sagging, underdevelopment and body proportioning

Many patients opt for breast augmentation surgery for an asymmetrical – where one breast is larger or different in shape than the other. In some cases, as much as a cup size in difference. For these women, simply finding a bra to fit comfortably and properly is impossible, and they are forced to add padding to create a uniform appearance in clothing. A breast enhancement procedure brings balance and proportion to a patient’s form, allowing her to feel more comfortable in and out of clothing.

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