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Buttock lift surgery enquiries are up by a third, according to recent statistics
According to data released by WhatClinic.com, the number of Brits seeking to enhance their buttocks has risen by a third in a year. The website recorded a 170% increase in searches for buttock enhancement surgery between the years 2014/15 and 2013/14.

A cause for concern for some practitioners and cosmetic experts, it seems to be very young patients that are most interested in the procedure. The highest level of interested registered for a buttock lift was from people aged from 18 to 24, followed by people aged 25 to 35. There’s speculation that this interest from young prospective patients is due to the media and the ‘rise of the bottom’ with celebrity figures.

Emily Ross, director of WhatClinic.com, said:

“As our data confirms, bums are big business for elective cosmetic clinics in the UK. The variety of treatments available is increasing, as are their popularity.”

“This particular trend, as far as we can measure, was first seen in Brazil where bum treatments have always been incredibly popular. In fact, there is a signature treatment known as the Brazilian butt lift that is now popular all over the world.”

For people who are looking to change the shape or size of their buttocks, it is not necessarily as black and white as looking for implant surgery – contrary to common belief. Liposuction techniques – particularly advanced techniques like the innovative VASER liposelection – can enhance the contour and shape of the buttocks by gently and strategically extracting some of the fat from the area to create a more complementary and flattering silhouette overall.

For those who are looking to increase the size of the buttocks but are concerned about the risks associated with buttock implant surgery, there is scope to undergo fat transfer surgery, which is generally less risky. Because the fat is taken from the body, their element of foreign substances is eliminated and the procedure is generally considered safer than the alternatives. However, with fat transfer, there is a chance that some of the fat will not ‘take’ to the body and therefore the desired results will not be achieved during the first treatment. If you are interested in fat transfer as an alternative to buttock implant surgery, you can read more about it here.

If you are interested in any of the treatments cited in this article – or any other cosmetic surgical treatment– the most effective course of action is booking a consultation with a cosmetic professional like Mr. Jag Chana. Speaking with an expert will not only allow you to gain a tangible understanding of the cosmetic procedure in question, but it will allow your practitioner to assess your suitability – psychologically and physically – for treatment. If there’s a reason that you’re not a suitable candidate for the procedure you had in mind, there’s a good chance that your surgeon will be able to recommend an alternative approach.



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