cure that foot pain

Last week, Victoria Beckham was photographed in fit-flops, with grossly swollen and reddened bunions protruding from the side of her feet. But she is not alone. Doctors say that 80% of women experience foot problems as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes, with heels being the main focus.

Furthermore, anyone admiring the footwear on the catwalk at the recent fashion shows will have noticed one thing - heels are getting higher. You might have a new pair in anticipation of your summer holidays or special event. But what about the bread that comes with wearing heels for hours on end? Women over 40 are especially prone to chronic pain and numbness. This is because of the production of collagen in the feet stops and its cushioning effect lost.

Many women are now finding that they are doing so well. They plump up the balls of the feet, making it possible to stand on those in Louboutin's without excruciating bread.

The dermal filler remedy has minor side effects, such as swelling and tenderness, tends to last less than 48 hours. The results are not immediate, but a difference should be felt after a few weeks.


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