In this news, celebrity pop star Michelle Heaton has been revealed to her to undergo dermal filler treatment in order to restore her youthful looks, after undergoing menopause early.

The personal trainer - who was sadly forced to undergo a double mastectomy and hysterectomy following her breast cancer diagnosis - she was turned into dermal fillers to improve the lack of treatment.

Dermal filler treatment to improve skin loss and loss
Michelle Who has just been announced to dermal filler brand Perfectha, Was diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene in 2012. The 36-year-old is going through the early menopause.


The mum-of-two recently had cheeks, nose-to-mouth lines and jawline. Michelle was happy with the results, and claims were so beautiful that they were unaware she'd undergone cosmetic treatments, simply telling her she looked 'healthy and happy.'

Whilst Michelle has to undergo facial rejuvenation treatment to improve her face, patients also turn to non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments to reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve plumpness and firmness to the face.

There are many reasons for men and women to consider anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatments, whether to be more youthful by reducing facial creases, such as crow's feet or to improve hollow-looking areas of the face which may be lacking natural volume. For that reason, facial rejuvenation treatments - such as dermal fillers and volumizing injections - are popular options as they are versatile and can be used as a standalone treatment or as part of a general facial rejuvenation plan.

Dermal filler treatment offers natural and impressive anti-ageing results for patients seeking subtle yet significant changes in the skin surface. Dermal filler treatment and injectable volumization are registered with the non-invasive treatments of the eye.

As Michelle Heaton revealed in her latest interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, they can also have a dramatic effect on an individual's self-esteem, making them a reliable way to rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance.

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