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Last year, Korea made headlines for a cosmetic surgery boom, and the capital Seoul is now considered by many to be the cosmetic surgery center of the world. So much so, that statistics say that 20% of women aged 19 to 49 in Seoul have had cosmetic surgery.

By far the most popular cosmetic procedure in Korea is double blepharoplasty, which opens the eye to make it less 'Asian' and ethnically defined, and more open and ethnically ambiguous. Facial contouring is also popular, which raises flatter facial structures in order to make them, too, appear less ethnically identifiable. When the Korean Consumer Agency surveyed 1000 cosmetic surgery patients last year, 14.5% of them said that they would like their facial cosmetic surgery to improve their employment prospects.

Despite the fact that South Korea is now considered to be the 'plastic surgery capital', it is widely understood to be well-practiced internationally. Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries are particularly popular. Societal implications aside, there is an immediate problem with the ethnically-targeted surgery boom. Particularly in the Far East, the project has been developed with the help of the 'ghost doctor', a GP drafted in to perform surgery without the proper qualification or training. This can - obviously - has a negative impact not just on the level of the product, but also on the potential health and safety of the patient. It is an outcome that is not rife in the Western World, but it is certainly worth consideration,

Mr. Jag Chana says that the face of the world is softened and softened. He elaborates:


"It is true that in the Far East, Asian blepharoplasty is by far the most commonly requested and performed procedure. But rhinoplasty in all ethnic groups is very common in the Western world. In certain parts of the world like Turkey and Iran, it is so common that it is frequently cited as the most

"With all of these procedures, the surgeries should be performed carefully, otherwise too sharp. A lot of patients are very wary of this - particularly due to the appearance of some celebrities and people in the limelight. "


"If I could give a piece of advice, it would be unwise to strive for an ethnically ambiguous appearance. If you do take the decision to undergo surgery, it should be performed with a view to the features and maintain normal proportions. "

"For this reason, the most important factor is an appropriately qualified plastic surgeon and one who is on the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). This is the only accredited body which audits its members on the safety of procedures. It is important to clarify whether the surgeon is truly a surgeon or is another type of surgeon. This is the future of FRCS (Plast) after their name, which is the correct qualification to perform surgery of this nature. "


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