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According to the latest findings released from the annual RealSelf online users survey facelift surgery and neck lift procedures are back in focus.Whilst cosmetic surgery in the UK and USA continues to rise steadily, the demand for facial rejuvenation surgery has been notably higher since 2014.

Facial rejuvenation procedure can include neck lift surgery, blepharoplasty surgery and eye bag removal, as well as the variety of facelift procedures which can be offered by clinics. Unlike non-surgical alternatives which provide short or mid-term results, the popularity of facial rejuvenation surgery has been attributed to the long-lasting results. Instead of requiring repeat treatments every 6-12 months, cosmetic surgery for the face offers results that can last upwards of 5-10 years.

In the UK we have seen a noticeable trend for facial rejuvenation treatments in men as well as women, with numerous leading bodies suggesting more men than ever are choosing to undergo anti-ageing surgery for the face. This has been attributed to a higher acceptance of cosmetic surgery generally, but can also be accredited to the influx of older, attractive male stars in the entertainment industry revealing they have undergone facial rejuvenation treatments.

As the social-consciousness and attitude towards ageing continues to develop, so do advancements in facial rejuvenation treatments. This means that – while younger patients, who might be more aware of their early and mild signs of ageing – might not be suitable candidates for more invasive anti-ageing procedures, there are potential treatments that can help tackle some of the earlier lines, wrinkles and facial sagging that can develop in some individuals.
With the global cosmetic surgery market set to increase over the next five years, it’s good timing that the Royal College of Surgeons and the GMC released new guidelines last month to improve patient safety when undergoing non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

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