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Sue Key travelled from Sydney to London twice for treatment earlier this year.  Having undergone a facelift more recently, Sydney-based Sue praised Mr Chana for his surgical skill and explained how her new look had turned people’s heads for all the right reasons.


Sue Key say’s…


“I wanted to say thank you and to say I did not for one minute envisage the outcome to my face to be anywhere near as good as it actually is. I am afraid I am in danger of becoming rather vain as I keep looking in the mirror!”


My face not only looks fresher but I could swear I look a bit younger which I wasn’t expecting, after all, I will be 60 in January and one can’t expect miracles, but it seems you have performed one.


Everyone I have seen recently has commented on ‘how well I look’. Also, ‘your skin looks amazing, what have you been using?’ and as I only told two people I was having it done, the comments have been a bonus.  Another nice surprise is the lack of bruising. Even directly after the surgery, there was none. I just have a very slight bit of discolouration but not enough to even warrant covering with foundation.


A few months ago, I went to Mr George Mayson here in Sydney to have some Botox injections. I have been seeing Mr Mayson for about 10 years now so he knows me well. He was looking at my face, as “done by Mr Chana” and he was so impressed with the way the facelift was done he asked me for Mr Chana’s details. Praise indeed.”


Sue Key’s previous treatment with Dr Chana


Sue Key was unhappy with the shape of her legs and sought VASER Liposuction to reduce the size of her problem area. Sue says choosing to undergo her treatment with Mr. Chana was a positive decision, and she was impressed with the results and his skill as a surgeon.


Sue Key said…


“I’m delighted with my VASER Liposuction treatment, and cannot praise Mr. Chana enough for his expertise. My legs have ‘gone down’ a lot and I am hoping they will ‘shrink down’ more. I also noticed how little bruising that procedure incurred compared to traditional lipo methods, which is an added bonus. Amazing surgeon and result; I am always being told how good I look which is a wonderful!!”

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