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Now more than ever, toned, muscular bodies are coveted for men and women. Indeed, where it used to be fashionable to be thin and willowy, having visible muscle definition is often heralded as the most attractive a body can look. However, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve this look, even for people who work out a lot and eat a diet targeted towards building muscle.

Even for people who follow a certain lifestyle, it can be difficult to shed small deposits of stubborn fat, especially on the stomach and around the ‘love handles’. VASER high definition body sculpting can help to enhance the appearance of muscle definition to create an overall toned look. Not only does the procedure remove excess fat from the body, but it also enhances the appearance of the muscles.

What is VASER liposuction?

VASER is a liposuction device, but unlike traditional systems, the fat is liquefied prior to extraction in order to ensure a smooth and gentle removal process. This improves recovery times and reduces potential risks compared to traditional liposuction which requires the relatively forceful removal of fat using a cannula, which can cause bruising and swelling in the treatment area. Aside from a more rapid recovery, the smoother extraction of fat improves results, leaving more even and effective results.

What is High Definition VASER?

High definition VASER sculpting was a term coined by Sound Surgical Technologies, who were the initial company which developed the VASER device. High Definition body sculpting techniques are often marketed as a ‘magic wand’ which can produce the amazing results of ‘six-pack’ type abdomens. The reality is that only very specific patients are suitable for this technique. The body sculpting technique essentially involves removing fat from individuals who are slim in the first instance but have very small amounts of fat which prevents the muscle definition from showing through. It is not suitable for patients who are even moderately overweight or have loose skin.

The technique involves using the VASER ultrasonic probe to liquefy and remove fat from specific areas around the edges of muscles. In fact, certain deposits of fat are left behind directly on top of the muscle to make it appear larger. The end result is of a shapelier enhancement. It is particularly popular for use on the abdomen, but it can also be used on the hips and flanks, arms, and back. In certain cases, male patients enjoy effective results on the pectoral area, too. One important factor to remember is that this technique has a high requirement of secondary ‘touch ups’ in order to improve on the definition that is achieved at the first procedure. This is often not talked about in information generally available on the internet.


Who should perform VASER liposuction?

VASER is sometimes touted as ‘non-invasive’ alternative to liposuction, because of the comparatively shorter downtime and associated risks. However, VASER is still very much a surgical procedure, and thus should only be performed by a high trained and experienced plastic surgeon. If you are unsure that the person offering VASER is fully equipped to do so, you should seek a consultation with an accredited plastic surgeon instead. You should also be wary of the marketing of this technique which makes the VASER technique sound too good to be true. Usually this is because the clinics are ‘desperate’ for your business. The only way to be sure of the suitability of this technique in your individual case is by having an honest discussion with a plastic surgeon.

Achieve high definition body sculpting with Mr Jag Chana

Mr Chana has experience of all techniques of liposuction over twenty years and was one of the first BAAPS accredited Plastic surgeons to offer VASER liposuction in the UK. A large part of Mr Chana’s practice is now performing corrective procedures on patients who have had unsatisfactory results from clinics elsewhere. Usually, this is because they were unsuitable for liposuction in the first place or the clinic falsely raised the expectations of the patient.

What happens during your consultation with Mr Chana?

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your expectations and Mr Chana will explain the realistic result that can be achieved. After your consultation, you will have a realistic and tangible idea of how your individual physique would look after high definition VASER sculpting. You need to be aware of the risks and limitations of the technique in each individual case and this will be carefully discussed.

You will also be able to ask any questions you might have about the procedure during your consultation, including the anaesthetic details, recovery process and potential side-effects. These are all pivotal factors that should be carefully considered when taking the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery of any nature.

VASER high definition is not the ideal surgery for losing a lot of weight or undergoing drastic body transformations – in fact, the perfect candidate for VASER high definition body sculpting will be close to their ideal weight with little body fat, already.

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