tia patel how i beat obesity

Nearly two million children are overweight and 700,000 of them are obese. Train junk food addict Tia Patel, Who Was 16 stone at 18, tells journalist Anastasia Stephens " . If only I Could Convey just how passionately I feel about obesity - it's something you can not Overcome Not Just That goal all overweight teenagers can turn Their lives around ...
But to do it, you need to be determined and used everything you've got - nutrition, exercise and even surgery. I have had liposuction to remove areas of stagnant fat, and have a body lift to remove large areas of excess skin. And this is coming from someone who, up to my early 20s, did not know what a slim feeling, fit or attractive was like. Having been allowed anything, I'd always been a fatty. "
Read the full article on Tia Patel's real-life story ' How I beat teen obesity ' here.
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