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Do you have an undefined and face? Maybe you feel your face and neck is simply too chubby?

If you have an issue with facial definition it can sometimes be hard to find a permanent resolution to your issues, but there is hope in the form of facial vaser liposuction, offered by Mr. Jag Chana.

Treating the face and neck with Vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction for the face is a surgical cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fat cells and fatty build up around problem areas like the jaw and neck. Vaser liposuction technology is one of the most advanced techniques to benefit this region of the body.

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) involves sound energy which liquefies fat cells in order for them to be removed in a more efficient way than traditional forms of liposuction. An incision will be made under the chin where the vaser liposuction will be carried out, and a second incision may be made behind the ears in order to reach fat deposits in the lateral part of the neck and jawline. Facial liposuction is often performed in combination with other facial surgeries such as facelifts and chin implants to enhance the overall effect depending on the age group and other features which need to be refined at the same time.

There are many positives to this procedure. For example, facial liposuction will give you the opportunity to tackle unwanted stubborn facial fat and reveal a more structured and contoured face. Secondly, it can do amazing things for your confidence. Having body issue can prevent you from pursuing personal goals and leave you depressed, but facial liposuction can give you back your confidence in your looks.

Like any cosmetic procedure facial liposuction comes with possible risks and side effects which should be understood and carefully considered before deciding to undergo treatment. Some possible side effects that you may experience include firming or hardening in the area of application. This firmness should soften once more within a couple of months following your treatment.

The advantage of Vaser liposuction in this region of the body is that it is gentler and there is a reduced incidence of irregularities in the skin and underlying tissues. Antibiotics will be given to lower any chance of contracting an infection. There may be some temporary numbness in the skin but this will improve over time. If you would like to know more about facial liposuction we suggest talking to your surgeon during your consultation in depth about the particular benefits of this procedure and how exactly this will apply in your particular situation.

Who can I trust to perform facial VASER procedures?

Many cosmetic doctors untrained in surgery are offering vaser liposuction in the guise that it is a minimally invasive and simple procedure. However, this is not the case and the use of this procedure requires as much training as standard liposuction. It is important to consult a fully trained plastic surgeon to be fully informed about the procedure and the gain the best possible advice and experience. To ensure the highest level of safety it is also important to undergo this procedure in a large hospital facility rather than a small clinic where the anaesthetic and support care may be limited.

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