JC Coronavirus Update on Surgeries

Dear All,

We are still open and offering face to face consultations and surgery with the necessary precautions outlined below. Some of our partner hospitals are currently contracted with the NHS to help tackle the mounting NHS waiting lists. This means non-urgent surgery is not being carried out at those locations.

The following measures have been undertaken to ensure your safety and the safety of the staff. The clinic or hospital where your consultation will take place has all the necessary infection control measures in place and have not been actively treating COVID patients and are therefore deemed COVID negative sites. Staff have been trained and personal protection has been made available. Nevertheless it is still important that every precaution is taken to minimise any risks during your attendance .

  •  Appointment times will be staggered to minimise contact between patients
  • Patients should attend the clinic alone and only at the appointment time.
  • Patients in the vulnerable group are advised to defer their appointments or treatments - age over 70, severe diabetes, severe hypertension, severe heart disease, severe obesity, undergoing cancer treatments
  • We request that everyone downloads the government issued contact tracing app on their phone .
  • We will email you the following questionnaire which will need to be signed electronically before arriving at the clinic. There is no need to print this form as this will be sent to you with a secure link to signing this form digitally.



You are considering attending the clinic for a consultation or treatment. We want you to be well. We are doing everything we can to keep you safe. This questionnaire is designed for the safety of you and the clinic staff. If you or we think that you have a high chance of currently being infected with coronavirus, you should delay your attendance until a safer time and we may advise this.

Please answer these questions as honestly as you can.

Have you been tested for coronavirus?          


Have you had a fever in the past two weeks?


Have you had a cough in the past two weeks?


Have you had any other symptoms suggestive of a viral infection within the last

two weeks, such as muscle pain, lethargy, diarrhoea or vomiting, or loss of




Have you been exposed to anyone who has had COVID-19 in the past one



Have you travelled outside the UK in the past 14 days and if so, where did you travel?



If you answer YES to any of these questions we will need to contact you in advance of your attendance.


  • Please wear a face covering until instructed otherwise during your consultation or treatment. If you have your own non-latex disposable gloves it is worth wearing those to your appointment as well.
  • When entering the building there will be a screening process at reception with questions
  • Please disinfect your hands upon entering the building and proceed to the Consulting room as directed.
  • Just before leaving the clinic, please disinfect your hands.
  • After your visit we will wipe down all surfaces touched with disinfectant in preparation for the next patient.


We are now taking surgery bookings for new patients.

Patients will be asked to self-isolate for 3 days before their procedure and a COVID test will be carried out 72 hours prior. If you decide to go ahead with surgery please ensure you are fully prepared to adhere to the self isolation policy otherwise your surgery will be cancelled. The pre-surgery protocol will involve:

A pre-assessment visit to the hospital PRIOR to the 3 day isolation period.

72 hours before surgery you will need to drive to the hospital alone for a drive by and a COVID swab. This will be performed in the car park of the hospital while you are seated in your car.

If the COVID swab test is negative and you have adhered to self isolation your surgery will proceed.

If you have any questions please contact the office well in advance of the procedure.


Our team will still be practising social distancing by working from home as much as possible. Therefore please be patient with us but we will endeavour to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.

The Jag Chana Team


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