June Kenton breast cancer fight

June Kenton tycoon lingerie has helped countless women through mastectomies. So, what happened when she got breast cancer?

When it comes to breasts, Kenton is something of an expert. It should be - it has been made to last for decades. Kenton, 72, set up Rigby & Peller, in 1970 and since then it has become corsetieres to the Queen, and the go-to brand for women of all ages in search of a brassiere. And because of her business, Kenton has always been one of the most successful breast cancer awareness advocates, at one point hanging "Be Breast Aware" swing tags on a million of her products. It's an entreaty that she follows religiously, with annual medical checks that she discovered in 1972, then the other, in 1972.

"They were totally benign, but from that moment, I decided to go out and see each other every year," she says. And it's thanks to this hands-on approach to health that Kenton is now in recovery for the past three years.

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