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As we get older our body's natural production of collagen slows down and a result of an ounce of oversight or sagging mound of excess skin. If you have been through extreme fat loss or loss of weight with the problem of excess stomach skin - but what is there to help you rid of this excessive sagging skin? Abdominoplasty may be the answer to reducing sagging stomach skin.

How Abdominoplasty Can Help
Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that is more commonly known as a tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty helps patients to reach the flatter, tighter and more toned stomach that they are hoping to achieve by surgically removing the excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles.
Tummy tucks come in various guises, the two most popular versions are full or mini abdominoplasty, and both follow a similar surgical method with a difference in the area they focus on. A mini-abdominoplasty focuses much more on the lower portion of the stomach, while a full tummy tuck focuses on the whole area.

A full abdominoplasty procedure involves incision being created from hip to hip just below the bikini line. Once the incision is made, the skin will be pulled back, and Mr Chana will tighten any abdominal muscles that may have become strained. The skin will then be pulled into place and stitched. The navel will then be repositioned (if needed) and the excess skin will be removed. Mini tummy tucks follow a similar process but do not require your navel to be repositioned, as they are designed for patients with much less skin predominantly at the lower end of the abdomen.

Like any cosmetic procedure, abdominoplasty comes with its own set of risks and possible side effects that should be understood and carefully considered before making the decision to undergo treatment. A general anaesthetic is required for this procedure and potential risks and side effects of tummy-tucks include bleeding, infection and change or loss of sensation of stomach skin. One of the commonest risks is delayed healing especially in smokers or those individuals who are too overweight in the first instance.

Stopping smoking is a pre-requisite and losing some weight may be required before undergoing this procedure safely. Although infection is a possibility antibiotic will be used during and after the surgery to minimises this risk. If you have any more questions about the risks and side effects of abdominoplasty we strongly suggest talking in depth with Mr Chana during your consultation about this.

Naturally, with surgery like this, you will be required to stay overnight for the first 24 hours to 48 hours following your surgery so your recovery can be monitored. You may feel some tightness to your abdominal area that feels uncomfortable, and you might not be able to stand completely upright for a couple of days after the procedure. Every patient is different and therefore recovery can occur at different rates. On average most people return to their full capability after 4-6 weeks into the recovery process and can return to most activities. It’s recommended that you take at least two weeks off work in order to recover.

Finding a surgeon that you trust to perform your procedure is a huge part of the cosmetic journey, and it’s important you choose a surgeon you trust. With good reason, you want the best surgeon that will not only provide you with the best possible results but also take every precaution possible to ensure your safety. Mr Jag Chana is a plastic surgeon based in Hertfordshire and London and specialises in abdominoplasty, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and breast augmentation.

Mr Chana is well known by both the cosmetic industry and patients for his ability to personalise all of his procedures to complement each patient. Mr Chana is also at the forefront of cosmetic technology and was one of the first consultants in the UK to invest and offer the latest in VASER Liposuction technology which he often uses to refine the results of abdominoplasty surgery.

A well-published member of the cosmetic community, he has been invited to appear on a number of TV shows for the BBC and Channel 5 as well as being quoted and featured in print media in the form of numerous newspaper and magazines. As a result, Mr Chana has grown and maintained a reputation for a level of excellence.

There are many different treatments and options for patients considering their sagging stomach skin, but there is only one option that will provide you with long-term results.

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