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Dr. Chana offers a wide range of reconstructive plastic surgery to male and female patients who wish to change or improve a specific part of their face or body. There are many reasons to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery, although this is usually either due to unhappiness with existing surgical results or following an accident or trauma. Dr. Chana also offers reconstructive plastic surgery for women who have unfortunately suffered from breast cancer and hope to regain their confidence through surgery.

Many of the techniques used for cosmetic surgery are derived from reconstructive techniques and the breadth of experience gained from reconstructive techniques is a unique advantage both in the scope of practice as well as the overall level of expertise that a surgeon has accumulated over a period of many years. Dr Chana has over 20 years’ experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery and has a reputation for being meticulous and precise in applying his skills both in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.


Scar Correction and Revision

Scars are visible marks left on the skin after trauma, including burns and cuts or deep wounds. Even cosmetic surgery can leave scarring that patients are unhappy with. These scars can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the extent of the injury, trauma or surgery.

Scars may be irregular, depressed, have large stitch marks, be a different colour, or form a ridge or a bridge across a natural dip. Scar correction is a type of reconstructive plastic surgery that can, in many instances, help improve and minimise the appearance of the scar tissue.

Scar revision surgery can help to reduce the size of a scar, move it, or reduce its ‘tightness’ to help the patient feel more comfortable. This can involve ‘removing’ your scar before reconstructing the layers of tissue and accurately re-suturing.

It is best to wait at least a year before considering scar correction or revision surgery and to keep an eye on the scar, as over time scars tend to fade so you might find that surgery won’t be needed in a few years’ time if the scar has already faded. Please note: you will still have a scar, although this surgery may improve the appearance of the existing one.


Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer Treatment

It is no doubt that those who suffer from cancer are going through an utmost difficult period. While overcoming cancer is life-changing, living with the after effects is another matter. Women who have had to have their breasts removed (mastectomy) may be feeling unhappy, deflated or un-feminine.

Dr. Chana offers breast reconstruction surgery to help restore confidence and femininity to the patient again. These techniques of breast reconstruction involve implants, flaps of tissue combined with implants or flaps alone which avoid implants. These latter techniques are called autologous techniques of breast reconstruction which usually involve complex microsurgery. Many years ago, Dr Chana spent a year of sabbatical time abroad in Taiwan which leads the world in the complex microsurgical reconstruction of the face and breast. This experience, along with the numerous complex reconstructions carried out in his NHS practice, provides a wealth of experience for facial surgery and breast surgery which Dr Chana offers to his patients.


Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Treatment

For those who have suffered from skin cancer, Dr. Chana can offer reconstructive plastic surgery and scar revision surgery. This type of surgery usually involves skin grafts or moving local flaps of tissue to cover defects after cancer removal. Booking a consultation is key to finding out about the best type of reconstruction. It is important to remember that many dermatologists and other ‘types’ of surgeons claim to provide skin cancer reconstruction. However, none of these doctors from other specialities is truly plastic surgery trained with plastic surgery qualifications and therefore the options offered may not always be the most appropriate or provide the best cosmetic result.

Nasal Reconstruction

Recreating the human nose is one of the most challenging procedures as its perhaps the most important structure for facial identity and appearance.

Nasal reconstruction aims to help those with nasal deformities which can be caused by injuries, previous rhinoplasty surgery and cancer surgery. The overall goal of this procedure is the restoration and refinement of nasal appearance and function. As part of his long-standing experience in facial reconstruction, Dr. Chana has been performing nasal reconstruction for all types of problems. These include reconstructions for skin cancers of the nose and for the trauma of the nose where the skin has been lost. Reconstruction may also be required for accidents involving trauma to the bones and cartilage of the nose.

Dr. Chana was chosen by The Sunday Times to feature as one of the country’s foremost experts in facial plastic surgery in an article on rhinoplasty surgery.


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After Accidents or Trauma

Sometimes reconstructive plastic surgery is a necessity following trauma and accidents. Usually, such problems are an emergency but in certain situations, Dr. Chana is able to provide support in the private sector.

Dr. Chana is recognised by all the major private medical insurance providers whether this is for cancer, trauma or general reconstruction. However, private medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. Please contact the office for further information and if you are interested in booking a consultation to discuss any of the reconstructive plastic surgery procedures above call the clinic to make an appointment.

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