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There are numerous reasons a patient may choose to seek an arm lift; from substantial weight loss to the natural ageing process, reshaping the arms with Brachioplasty is a popular surgical procedure. Offering long-term results, arm reshaping surgery like Brachioplasty allows patients to regain a more youthful and toned appearance to the upper arms.

Brachioplasty is designed exclusively to correct the appearance of the arms, reducing loose skin and removing excess fat from the upper inner arms. Known to many as ‘bingo wings’ the folds of excess loose skin can be reshaped surgically, and combined with liposuction or skin tightening as necessary. Rapid weight gain or sudden weight loss can be a factor in ‘bingo wings’ developing, although in many cases age may be a primary factor. If there is predominantly excess fat then liposuction best using VASER Liposuction on its own can be considered.

Things to consider before choosing brachioplasty:

• Scarring is likely after Brachioplasty, although most patients consider this a fair trade comparatively to their initial concerns.

• The degree of scarring from Brachioplasty is variable depending on the extent of the skin laxity and runs discreetly down the inner aspect of the arm.

• For patients with less extensive sagging and fat present, VASER Liposelection can be considered to avoid skin excision and the resulting scars.

• During your consultation, Mr. Jag Chana will examine your arms and advise you of the most appropriate arm lift or rejuvenation procedure.

Arm lift surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes approximately one to two hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the case. An overnight stay in hospital is usually required although in some minor cases you may be allowed home on the same day. This would be decided post-operatively after assessment. Prior to your Brachioplasty surgery markings will be made on the inner arm/s to indicate the skin excision and location of fat removal. It’s likely that excess skin will be removed surgically in order to reshape the arm, leaving the patient with a sleeker overall shape to the area. The incision is usually located along the inner aspect of the arm to hide any scarring as best as possible. Liposuction is often used in combination with skin excision to enhance the result of the Brachioplasty surgery, but this will be confirmed during your consultation.

Brachioplasty offers patients a wealth of rewards, including a heightened sense of self-esteem and a more aesthetically pleasing look to the arms. Generally, patients will require one to two weeks recovery, and this means time away from work. Full recovery can take six to eight weeks, although the final results will be visible three to six months after surgery in most cases. The results of Brachioplasty surgery are long-lasting, although the natural ageing process will continue just like the rest of the body.

Arm lift surgery can be combined with other forms of rejuvenation surgery if necessary, and this is more common in patients that have experienced rapid weight loss. For example, Brachioplasty can be combined with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), body lift surgery including thigh lifts, and even a neck/facelift in cases where the patient is seeking an overall body transformation.

What’s the next step?

The key to successful Brachioplasty surgery is choosing a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing arm lift reshaping surgery. A consultation is important in deciding whether this surgery is the right choice for you in terms of meeting your expectations. Like all cosmetic surgery there are risks and complications associated with brachioplasty, and it’s important you’re aware of the limitations as well as the benefits of this type of reshaping surgery. Be safe; be informed.

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