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For many patients, finally undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as facial rejuvenation surgery including facelifts can have a strong effect on their self-confidence. After facial rejuvenation surgery, it is common for patients to seek further procedures, in light of both their satisfaction with the previous surgery and that altering the appearance of one element can bring focus to another.

Of course, there is usually no reason why a patient can’t undergo further facial rejuvenation surgery. A plastic surgeon will endeavour to offer combination procedures since usually facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifts, blepharoplasty and brow lifts tend to complement each other.

Making headlines

In the news this week, actress and singer Lil Kim has reportedly been advised to stop having facial rejuvenation surgery procedures, with close friends of the American star telling her she looks ‘plastic’ and unnatural.

Although Kim has apparently been refused further surgery by several plastic surgeons in the USA, she has now found a clinic willing to continue her surgery quest. Kim has undergone many procedures to her face, and as a result sports the typical over-filled cheeks and wind-tunnel effect we’re unfortunately used to recognising in the Hollywood circle.

It’s clear looking at before and after photographs of Kim that she should not be undergoing further surgery on her face, as it’s unlikely to provide long-term satisfaction.

Responsible facial rejuvenation surgery

When someone has undergone so much cosmetic surgery to the face, it’s likely there’s a wider issue at hand. Whilst for some patients undergoing numerous forms of facial rejuvenation surgery can be attributed to psychological issues, such as body dysmorphia, for others they may be addicted to surgery.

It is important the surgeon consulting with a patient is ethically sound and offers impartial and helpful advice. If a patient does not need a specific procedure – such as a facelift as part of facial rejuvenation surgery – the surgeon should be honest. It may be that the patient actually requires a different type of facial rejuvenation surgery, or it may be that the patient is not deemed suitable or requiring of the requested procedure.

If a surgeon does not deem the surgery necessary he/she should not operate, giving the patient a full explanation as to why. Responsibility is a massive part of patient care, and cannot be underestimated.

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