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Sophie Eggleton talks to award-winning Dr Jag Chana on Dr Chana and the Brazilian Breast Augmentation he is currently pioneering in the UK.

Here at Stylebible, we’ve interviewed top music stars, world-renowned designers and tabloid sensations but with the amount of people deciding to get surgery increasing year after year we thought it about time to speak to someone at the helm of that industry too. Award-winning Dr Jag Chana seemed a perfect choice, so Sophie Eggleton found out more about the Brazilian Boob Job he is currently pioneering in the UK as well as his thoughts on our obsession with the body beautiful.

I can’t imagine many children saying ‘when I grow up I want to be a plastic surgeon’ so how does one end up with this career?

I always wanted to be a surgeon but during my medical school years, I was intrigued that plastic surgery involved rebuilding the body whereas other surgery generally involved removal or ablative surgery. It was this concept of reconstruction which fascinated me and stimulated me to pursue a career in plastic surgery.

What was your first ever surgery, how daunting was it?

My first surgery was an appendectomy. By this stage, I had seen so many and been closely supervised in so many appendicectomies that I was not daunted.

Do you get nervous before ever operation due to the responsibility involved?

Not anymore.

You do reconstructive work as well as purely cosmetic, is this more rewarding for you as a surgeon?

Sometimes treating a patient who is so severely affected by a large nose that carrying out a cosmetic rhinoplasty can dramatically change a person’s confidence and self-esteem. This can be as rewarding as some reconstructive work.

You’ve received various awards for your work, what aspects elevate a surgeon to an award-winning one?

I suppose this is due to persistence in focusing attention on research and new techniques as well as presenting this work at scientific plastic surgery conferences.

You are currently pioneering the Brazilian boob job here in the UK, what is new or special about this procedure?

The implant is different because it has a coating made of polyurethane. This has been shown to have a lower capsular contracture rate which results in the improved longevity of the implant. Also, because the implant integrates better with the surrounding tissues the risk of malposition of the implant is very low.

The chance of rejection is only 2-3% compared to the 16% of other implants.  If this is the case why has it taken so long to come to the UK?

These implants have been in the UK for use second line in patients with recurrent capsular contractures. However, it is only recently that long-term data has become available from Brazilian surgeons that demonstrate their advantages in primary breast implant surgery.

You offer 5 styles of an implant, what seems to be the most popular?

These implants come in a large variety of shapes which can be selected according to the patients existing breast dimensions and preferences. This cannot be ‘chosen’ by the patient but the range of implants allows the surgeon greater flexibility to provide a tailored approach in order to meet the patient’s expectation in terms of shape and projection. The final choice is one that is jointly decided by the surgeon and patient.

What celebrities are often used as examples of the perfect ‘insert body part’ by your patients?

They usually don’t do this. More often my patients come saying they do not want surgery like some celebrities e.g. huge implants, over tight faces, etc.  They want a natural look.

Do you think our obsession with celebrity and airbrushed photo shoots are the main cause of the increase in people getting work done?

No, it is more the increase in media stories about cosmetic surgery which is making this more acceptable in society.

In your opinion has the quest for the body beautiful and perfection gone too far?

Of course, there are always isolated cases of patients who go too far. But most of my patients have a very sensible and realistic approach to wanting cosmetic surgery and only have specific concerns that they want me to address.

How much do you consider the mental state of each particular client and their reasons behind wanting the surgery?

This is something that is automatically assessed at consultation and it is usually evident if someone is not suitable. Patients need to be realistic in what can be achieved and if this cannot be understood by the patient then of course surgery is denied. If there are psychological issues that need to be addressed then I have a clinical psychologist to whom I refer patients for an opinion.

Have you had any work done yourself?

No, I have not had work done and yes, I would probably have work done when I need it – if I had time and if I was not working as hard as I am at the moment. Not sure who I would get to do it though?

Who are your personal style icons?

I don’t have any

What is on your iPod right now?

Too much to list since I listen to music when I operate but have recently downloaded Adele and Rumer.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I don’t have one – only my personal tailor.

What is your favourite city?

Perth, Western Australia.


What is your best-kept secret in your Little Black Book?

That would be telling!

What can’t you travel without?

My beautiful wife and three gorgeous children.

What is your favourite hotel?

I hardly ever stay in the same hotel so don’t have a favourite. However, I have stayed in some fantastic hotels around the world. Quite notable would be the Rambagh Palace in Rajasthan, Copacobana Palace in Rio and for location the Victoria Falls Hotel.


What is your favourite restaurant?
I am hooked on Chinese food and my favourite restaurant is the Phoenix Palace near Baker Street.

What has been your most extravagant purchase?

My Porsche.

What products can’t you live without?

I don’t have any favourite products.

Where is next on your places to visit?


What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Happiness always comes from putting your family first.

What is on your shopping list right now?

I like photography and a new lens for my camera is on my list for the next purchase.

Do you social network?

Never, I hardly get any time to read my emails.

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