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Is there such a thing as too much facial rejuvenation surgery?

When it comes to procedures such as facelifts and neck lifts, plastic surgeons are often asked if there is such a thing as too much facial rejuvenation surgery. The answer is yes, as proved this week on breakfast news show, Good Morning Britain.

Actor and Hollywood icon Ray Liotta appeared on the popular TV show to promote his new film, but the focus seemed to be more on his appearance than his latest role.

The 61-year-old caused quite a stir on social media during the live broadcast, as viewers speculated on the extent of the facial rejuvenation surgery he appeared to have had.

The actor appeared to be sporting tight-looking skin, along with unusually smooth, shiny areas of the face. It seems obvious that Liotta has undergone facial rejuvenation surgery such as a facelift, and non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers to reduce the signs of ageing and smooth out lines and wrinkles, however, the results are uneven and do not appear natural.

How can patients seeking facial rejuvenation surgery in London avoid unnatural and uneven results?

According to recent statistics from BAAPS and BAPRAS, facial rejuvenation surgery in London is more popular than ever, with improved techniques and a wider acceptance of cosmetic surgery being attributed to the boom in patients flocking to clinics in search of anti-ageing procedures.

The key to subtle anti-ageing results is tailored treatment plans and an eye for detail, according to Mr Jag Chana and also avoiding too much repeat surgery.

“Everyone’s face is unique and it really depends on the patients underlying facial features as to which technique, or combination of, is used,” the facial rejuvenation expert explains. “Often patients come to a surgeon saying they have a specific concern relating to the face and/or neck, so it’s vital the plastic surgeon tailors the facelift and/or neck lift surgery to the individual.

Surgeons must tailor procedures, not offer ‘standard’ procedures, as this form of surgery is not a one-size-fits-all process.”

“When we tailor procedures, we also take in to account the patient’s natural facial features. Often we see patients with slim or chubby faces and each of those kinds of facial types can end up needing a slightly different technique,” he says.

“An overall natural-looking and harmonious result is the goal, and it’s down to the surgeon to determine whether other facial rejuvenation procedures – such as liposuction or fat grafting – are likely to further refine and improve the results. Age, the severity of skin and muscle laxity and the patient’s goals are all important too,” Mr Chana concludes.

One of the main reasons that facial surgery can look unnatural is that the skin tightening has been repeated on a number of occasions and each time the anatomy can become distorted. The key is to have one effective procedure which lasts several years. It is also important not to combine surgery with too many artificial fillers since these can alter the natural appearance of a face.

Natural facial rejuvenation results

Combining facelift surgery with a neck lift can offer patients a fully rejuvenated appearance to the facial area. Muscles in both the face and the neck will be tightened, rather than in just one area, and combining the two facial rejuvenation procedures at the same time means a more effective result in most cases, especially in the older group of patients.

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