party season

According to the Telegraph newspaper, female City executives are turning to Botox injections in the soles of their feet to help them cope with the exhausting drinks party season over the next few weeks.
The high-flying women are injecting Botox into their feet to alleviate the pain associated with wearing high heels. Instead of buying a gel-filled pad to put inside their shoes, they are preferring to use collagen to plump out the balls of their feet. The technique has been labelled “foot fillers”.
Dr Nick Milojevic, the main doctor to supply the injections, said: “This year we have received increased enquiries for foot fillers. We do say to patients that the results are not long lasting because of the high impact on this area of the body so that they should think twice before spending the money. Facial fillers last for three months and Botox lasts up to six months, but on the foot area fillers will often only provide cushioning for around two to three months.”
The procedure costs at least £240. Despite many companies cutting back on their office party budget, a survey has suggested that £473 million will be spent on Christmas parties this year.
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