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As we get older the signs of facial ageing show themselves differently from person to person. For some, saggy neck tissues may be the problem area, for others, it may be lines and wrinkles around the mouth. However, for a large proportion of patients seeking cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock, it’s the eyes that cause the most concern. Whether the issue is excess skin on the upper eyelids or sagging eye bags, upper face rejuvenation treatments continue to be popular choices for men and women across the UK.

Popular cosmetic surgery – Blepharoplasty (to improve the skin above and/or below the eyes) may not be the sole solution for patients looking to rejuvenate the eye area, and often brow lift surgery is required as well as – or instead of – eyelid surgery. If you’re considering options for a more youthful upper face area, it might be worth enquiring what a brow lift can offer you.

A brow lift is designed to refresh the appearance of patients with deep frown lines and drooping, heavy eyelids. Brow lift surgery can reduce these common signs of ageing, which tend to make patients look tired. Patients undergoing a brow lift often praise the brow lift surgery for reducing lines on the forehead, raising the upper eyelids, and giving them a more youthful overall appearance to the upper face.

Most patients electing for brow lift surgery to rejuvenate the face are over 40-50 years of age, with noticeably drooping brow lines and eyelids, or those with deep wrinkles or creases above the eyes, on the forehead.

Usually, brow lift surgery is carried out in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery in situations where eyelid surgery on its own isn’t enough to provide the desired effect. The reason for this is that many patients will have excess skin on the upper eyelid but at the same time a low and drooping brow line exacerbates this appearance. The brow lift, therefore, serves to further refine and improve the rejuvenation of the upper part of the face.

How can brow lift surgery rejuvenate the face?

Ageing causes the soft tissues of the forehead to become lax and the eyelids, in turn, can droop, this heaviness of the brows and upper eyelids can age the face, making patients look tired. The aim of a brow lift is to rejuvenate the face by elevating the brow back to its youthful position. This is just above the level of the bony orbital rim. If part of a combination procedure with upper eyelid surgery, the brow lift should be undertaken prior to the eyelid surgery ensuring a natural result.

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