dangerous beauty

The number of people wanting cosmetic procedures is rocketing and some are even injecting themselves with cut-price drugs bought online but if you’re considering a home kit you should think again.
Botox has become part of our culture because it’s used cosmetically, but it’s used in tiny, strictly-measured doses and is stringently tested. Using it without anatomical knowledge, without knowing the exact quality of the product, could be fatal.
In the UK it is illegal to advertise prescription-only medications like Botox and to sell them without a prescription. But foreign websites can dodge the ban. And after a few clicks on a computer, vials of facial filler drugs complete with syringes can be shipped to your door. Online pharmacy ads do their best to lure customers, with slogans such as “Wrinkles? No! Savings? Yes!”. They give false assurances that injecting yourself is easy as well as economical.
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