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Anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatments in London continue to be in demand.

There’s no doubt that facial rejuvenation treatments in London are always in demand, but have treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers now become a standard part of getting older for most people?

According to a recent Huffington Post article – titled Is Botox becoming the Norm? – more young women are adding this treatment to their beauty maintenance routine, leading the journalist to ask if Botox and treatments like it were becoming a common beauty treatment rather than a carefully considered medical treatment.

So much so, that it’s no longer a facial rejuvenation treatment for ageing celebrities anymore, as women in their late twenties are flocking to clinics in search of preventative Botox injections to keep as yet unformed wrinkles at bay.

In the article the journalist states, “It is clear that the stigma regarding this treatment has evaporated since its introduction in 2002, in fact, the attitude to cosmetic surgery, in general, has changed significantly.” So how true is this, and why is this the case?

The article attributes the newly found increased acceptance of facial rejuvenation treatments to the rise in social media and ‘oversharing’ we associate with overuse of these online apps. As covered in a previous blog on the rise of facial rejuvenation treatments, social media certainly has a large part to play in the changing aesthetic landscape.

The selfie craze – largely due to social media apps like Snap Chat and Instagram – continues to rage on, with both male and female patients seeking treatments to ‘look better’ in pictures and posts online.

And it seems Botox may indeed be seemingly becoming the norm, as the media continue to pick up on the growing aesthetic industry trends in more detail than ever. An article recently published via Daily Mirror referred to these cosmetic treatments as ‘tweakments’; referring exclusively to non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments designed to improve the appearance of the skin. This is supported by clinics across the UK reporting a rise in queries relating to Botox and the like too.
So should we be worried that Botox appears to be becoming ‘the norm’ and how can patients make an informed decision when it comes to choosing to undergo non-surgical anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatments in London?

Mr Jag Chana, a respected plastic surgeon and facial rejuvenation expert from London says:

“Botox rapidly becomes the norm in terms of facial beauty treatments and the distinction between non-medical beauty treatments and medical beauty treatments is becoming blurred. Too often younger patients are requesting preventative or prophylactic Botox to minimise the future appearance of facial ageing lines. This underlines the pressure that is placed on the younger generation to continually maintain their appearance. Some common sense needs to prevail since where does one draw the line?. I do not agree with preventative Botox. Surely, no reputable surgeon would advocate a facelift in a 20-year-old to prevent future facial ageing so why advocate Botox treatments to prevent the future appearance of lines and wrinkles! “


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