There are many people who spend a lot of time in the gym, and they do not matter what they do, they can not seem to shift stubborn areas of fat. Some people may still have significant amounts of weight and some areas of fat burning.

Pregnancy can also leave women with pockets or 'pouches' of fat on the stomach and leave them feeling deflated after giving birth. Fat removal procedures are typically aimed at those who are in a position to lose weight in certain areas of the body.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to help you find your way around the world.

1. Abdominoplasty
Better known as 'tummy tuck', this procedure is aimed at someone with excessive skin and fat on the stomach. A typical abdominoplasty involves incisions being made in the abdomen and just above the bikini line. The abdominal muscles are then tightened and stitched into their new position. Abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction too for a more contoured effect.

2. Liposuction
This is the second most popular procedure, after breast augmentation (boob job), its aim is to remove fat from the body by sucking it through a cannula. This procedure is beneficial for those who have areas of stubborn fat which is often on the thighs or abdomen. New techniques for performing this procedure have been developed to make it easier to break up fat cells. One that is used quite regularly is 'wet' liposuction which involves administering saline, adrenaline and anesthesia to the treatment area which is then sucked out with fat.

VASER is a device which uses enhanced ultrasound technology to gently break down fat from areas of the body. During the procedure the surgeon will make small incisions typically 4 - 5 mm long and inject a fluid which is absorbed by the fat.
An ultrasound probe is introduced to the skin to liquefy the fat. There are different types of probabilities depending on the area of ??the body and the quality of skin overlying the fat. The probe disperses the ultrasound energy into the surrounding fat and liquifies the fat.
A different suction cannula is then introduced under the skin which then very quickly and easily removes the fat liquefied. Once the treatment is complete, a small dissolvable stitch or dressing is applied to the incision.The ultrasound technology is directed specifically at the fat nerve, blood vessels and surrounding tissues remain unharmed. This can be performed on any part of the body that has some stubborn areas of fat such as the stomach, thighs, back and arms.

4. Brachioplasty
This procedure targets the fatty areas on the arms, otherwise known as the so-called dreaded 'bingo wings'. The fat and loose skin is very common. The surgeon will draw some markings on the inner arms which will determine the degree of fat removal. Excess skin and fat are then removed from the upper inner arm. This procedure will leave you in the arms of the world, but you will not be able to do so with the help of Mr Jag Chana.

5. Thigh Lift
This procedure is correct loose skin and removes excessive fat on the inner thighs. Markings will be made on the inner thighs to determine how much fat and skin will be removed. Loose skin will be removed vertically and will be located along the inner aspect of the thigh.
In a mini thigh lift, loose skin is removed and tightened with an upward sweater that will not be visible. The length of scarring will be discussed prior to surgery. Liposuction can be performed at the same time to help the thighs too.

It is recommended to discuss any issues concerning your body with Dr. Jag Chana before considering surgery, as it can analyze the extent of your problem and advise you with the procedure that will give you the best results.

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