tickle lipo

Liposuction and body contouring are among the most asked-about cosmetic surgery procedures anywhere. In addition, new advances in harvesting fat during liposuction for use as a natural facial filler or for “natural” breast enhancement have created an entirely new category in aesthetic medicine.

Physicians who are using the Tickle Lipo device say that the system is ideally suited for all these applications, offering increased patient comfort, the precise sculpting of even difficult body areas and harvesting of high-quality fat cells which are suitable for fat transfer.

Tickle Lipo helps to make the procedure easier for both the patient and the doctor. With the Tickle Lipo even difficult to treat areas such as the bra roll, male chest, and waist respond extremely well.

The decrease in pain is the fact that you can be much gentler with the manual movement of the cannula while the vibratory effect is supposed to downregulate local pain receptors. When done awake or under light sedation, patients describe the vibration as a “tickling” sensation, hence the name.

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