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Breast enlargement (augmentation) or breast implants, colloquially known as a ‘boob job’, is an incredibly popular surgical procedure, with a high satisfaction rate. Having breasts that the individual considers ‘too small’ can be debilitating to one’s confidence, and breast augmentation surgery can improve this by creating enlarged and naturally appearing breasts.

Types of breast implants


Silicone implants are the most common type of breast implants. The quality of breast implants has improved hugely over the last decade and currently, the most appropriate type of implant to use is one which contains a cohesive gel silicone. The cohesivity means that the silicone is not a liquid but a gel which retains its structure but is yet quite soft and mimics the consistency of breast tissue. A further feature which improves the implant is the texturing on the surface since this reduces the incidence of capsular contracture. A capsular contracture is a risk in approximately 10—20% of patients and results in hardening of the implants and if left for a prolonged period of time can cause some discomfort. Mr Chana will always recommend this type of quality of implant which has a cohesive gel and is textured on the surface.

Mr. Chana also offers breast implants with a polyurethane foam coating (often known as ‘The Brazilian boob job’) – a modern innovation in breast implant technology which has considerable advantages over standard implants. These include a further reduced risk of capsular contracture occurring, which is the most common complication in breast augmentation surgery, as well as a more stable and natural looking result.


Round or anatomical (teardrop implants)

Mr. Chana aims to achieve the most natural and bespoke results possible, and for this reason, your consultation is particularly important, as you will need to describe the type of appearance that you are hoping for and Mr Chana will explain how this is best achieved.

During the consultation, you will discuss with Mr. Chana whether you would prefer round or ‘tear drop’ implants. Round implants, as is to be expected, provide a ‘rounded’ breast will a full cleavage, whereas teardrop implants imitate natural breasts but are limited in the degree of fullness achieved in the cleavage area. Your preference will be what primarily affects this decision, although Mr. Chana’s guidance can help you to achieve your goals, so it is best to attend your consultation with an open mind and to decide together on the most appropriate way forward. There is also a risk associated with teardrop implants of twisting or malpositioning over time, although this is very rare.



Do the implants sit bove the muscle or under the muscle?

You will also discuss during the consultation whether the implants will sit on top of the breast tissue, or below it. Placing an implant on the top of the muscle is only suitable for certain patients – you must have enough existing breast tissue to adequately cover the implant, otherwise, it will be visible. If you do not have much existing breast tissue, it might suit you better to have the implants placed underneath the chest muscle, which covers the implant and therefore gives a more natural result.

What size implant can I go for?

The other, most obvious topic of discussion is the size of the breast implant. Again, this is a personal issue and depends entirely on the kind of appearance you are trying to achieve. The best way for you to decide what size is right for you is to try on implant ‘sizers’ in a sports bra, where various sized implants can be inserted in the bra so you have a visual idea of what to expect. This exercise gives an approximate estimate of the volume enhancement but is usually reassuring for patients since it means you are involved in the decision process.

Can you tell me about cup sizes?

Breast implants are not measured in cup sizes, but rather volume, according to the size of the silicone implant. However, if you come with a cup size in mind, Mr. Chana will easily be able to advise you on the size range of implants which can achieve this. However, there can never be a guarantee of exact cup size since bras can fit differently after surgery and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The sizing exercise before surgery is very important since this is the best method to provide you with an idea of the approximate post-surgery result. It is best to attend your consultation with an open mind – with a vague idea of how large you would like your breast augmentation to be but you should be a little flexible in case you may not be suitable for the more suited to a larger or smaller implant.

What more can you tell me?

The breast enlargement surgery will take around an hour and a half, and is performed under general anaesthetic. Mr. Chana implements a rapid recovery technique, which uses a fibre optic light to stop all bleeding points inside the breast cavity and combined with specialist anaesthetic techniques, means you will recover more quickly and feel more comfortable and you should be able to return home the same day, without an overnight stay in the hospital. You should take 7-10 days off work and should avoid high-impact activity like sports for six weeks after your operation.

There is a lot to consider in breast augmentation, as there many options available to ensure your implants fit naturally and remain proportional to your overall body size. Mr. Chana will be able to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, your options, and the aftercare required during your consultation.

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