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Even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, unwanted areas of fat on your body can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Stubborn fat in problem areas including the thighs, buttocks and abdomen especially can seem impossible to shed, and you might be considering cosmetic treatment as an option to help get the sleek shape you hope for.

Many people presume traditional liposuction is the only option but with new developments within this area of cosmetic surgery, you may discover that VASER liposuction is actually the better option for you. If you are considering surgery to remove unwanted fat it may be worth learning more about VASER liposuction, offered by Mr. Jag Chana.


Understanding VASER

VASER liposuction is a surgical cosmetic treatment that helps patients to remove fat from the site of application, much like traditional liposuction, but in a more gentle and precise way. VASER harnesses the latest in ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat cells prior to their removal, in order to create a gentler fat reduction process that causes less trauma to the treatment area.

VASER liposuction is performed either under local or general anaesthesia and involves creating small incisions within the site of treatment where the ultrasound probes are placed. Once the VASER ultrasound probes have liquefied the unwanted fat cells the removal of the fat cells is then performed in much the same way as a tradition liposuction procedure would be performed but in a gentler manner.


Advantages of VASER liposuction over traditional liposuction include:

• It is a less invasive procedure
• It is a same-day procedure
• No overnight hospital stay is usually required
• Offers more precise results


Is Vaser liposuction right for me?

Like all cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, VASER comes with benefits and risks that should be understood and carefully considered in order to make an informed decision whether the procedure is right for you.

Fat removal with VASER Liposuction offers many positives to patients, and you can expect to see an improvement in the look and feel of stubborn fat within the area of application. Patients can often achieve the same high standard of result with VASER as they can with traditional methods, but without the trauma and some of the risks that can come with the traditional form of liposuction surgery. The refined contouring effects are also easier to achieve with VASER liposuction compared to traditional liposuction since it has more precise techniques. Patients can also gain confidence as a result of this treatment, as VASER aims to reduce fat and therefore improve your body confidence, leaving you happier in your overall appearance.

Like any surgery, VASER liposuction comes with some risks and potential side effects that should be carefully understood before making the decision to undergo the treatment. Swelling, bruising and sensitivity, or pain within the area of application is possible, although any soreness post-surgery can be managed with painkillers and is usually short-lived.


Who should perform my treatment?

If you are considering undergoing VASER liposuction treatment – or any other surgical cosmetic treatment – then choosing a surgeon that you trust to perform your procedure is of the upmost importance. Naturally, you want an experienced and skilled surgeon, and that means finding someone that can not only provide the high standard of results you are hoping to achieve but also takes every possible precaution to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the treatment. Mr. Jag Chana is a plastic surgeon known by both cosmetic professionals and patients alike for his ability to individualise all of his cosmetic treatments in order compliment the patient’s physical characteristics. He is also a highly regarded surgeon with a strong interest in the latest technological breakthroughs within the cosmetic industry.

In fact, Mr. Chana was one of the first consultants in the UK to invest in and provide VASER liposuction treatment; a treatment he uses regularly both as a single cosmetic procedure, and as a contouring tool to complement other cosmetic surgical procedures. If you would like more information on VASER liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure, both surgical and non-surgical, then book your consultation with Mr. Jag Chana today.

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